Saturday, April 17, 2010

March Recap

In March...

Henry became a physicist.

But then decide to be a baby model instead.

Then he decided those babies only cared about fancy strollers, hanging at juice bars and wearing fancy diapers. So he became a gymnast.

He had lots of playdates with his buddy "Abba-girl" as he says.

Found a new dress-up hat.

Worked as a DJ for a couple dance parties.

Had a beautiful little space ranger, named him Buzz; diapered, dressed and rocked baby Buzz to sleep.

Got a sweet treat in the mail from family in Uruguay.

Had a visit from Grammy Goodwin, got spoiled and started a band with her.

The end.

February Recap

1. Natalie and I celebrated out birthdays with dinner at Tepanyaki. Yummm.

2. The boys learned that trying to light 23 cupcakes with little matches isn't their forte. There is a great video of this. Bwahaha.

3. We celebrated Valentines day.

4. Henry decided his doggy needed to start reading about repentance & baptism.

5. Our friends Lena and Lev came to visit from Arizona for a wedding. Some how we managed to not take any pictures. doh. Henry is wearing Lena's boots here though.

6. Henry built a sweet tower (with a little help) and then topped it with his choo choo (on his own). He was so proud of it he didn't knock it over for a whole two minutes.

7. Johann sat Henry and me down to finally watch all of The Three Amigos. Above was the result.