Monday, November 17, 2014

Leo, Leo, Leo

I hope Leo will know I love him because aside from keeping up with getting these growth over time pictures, I haven't been good about taking ones of him. He really is the family baby though and we all love and adore our happy, smiley guy. 

Leo will be six months in only a few weeks! He's rolling all around the house (generally he only rolls left), scooting backwards and sitting up until he tries to lean and then he tumbles on down. At his last well-check for 4 months he weighed-in just over 18lbs. and measured 27 inches. As far as personality he is much more of a baby than either of the other two were. He likes all the baby toys and snuggly type things that I couldn't get Henry or Thea to attach to until much later. He is a super mama's boy and is still refusing a bottle which means I haven't been away from him for more than 2 hours. He'll go to other people but not for long, except for one of my beehives who he has even pulled onto from me once and fell asleep while she was holding him too. 
He doesn't suffer in silence and when the older two harass him or do something he doesn't like he squeals like crazy. He's also pretty different in that he likes his sleep. He'll starts shrieking when he's had enough and needs to be put down *now*. He still wakes up one to two times, mostly in the morning, usually to nurse but goes right back to sleep and most days I can put him in the crib once I'm up to sleep for another hour or so. We love our little big guy and are loving having this spirit be a part of our family!