Sunday, February 26, 2012

This time 'round

from 18 weeks, 2 days

This pregnancy has definitely been different from my pregnancy with Henry. First of all, I was exhausted out of my brain all the time so I didn't do any of the things everyone else does like take pictures or make sure to have stuff for the pregnancy part of the scrapbook etc. I console myself for being a lame mom for Henry in that way with telling myself he probably will have logged the most one on one time and joint time with me and Johann out of all our kids. Fair trade off, right?

As far as pregnancy symptoms, it took longer to start feeling sick this time. Once I did though, it was a bit more mild until I hit 8 weeks and for the next week and a half, two weeks I threw up and felt overall worse than I remember having felt with Henry. I finally stopped taking my prenatal vitamins and the throwing up stopped and I started feeling a bit better little by little.

I've finally gotten back on them in the past few weeks and even though I'm just going kid vitamins, I still get queasy with them. With Henry I couldn't keep a thing down so I didn't even try and basically ate crackers and drank flavored water until 16 week and then felt magical after hitting that mark and really didn't have any issues until the third trimester when the carpal tunnel and heart burn hit.
This time I've been able to eat even during those two weeks except that I then threw it up. I was hoping at 16 weeks to feel all magical again but not this time. I still get queasy with certain foods or just for what seems no reason at all but it's usually not too bad.

The most exciting this about this pregnancy was being able to feel her move so much sooner. Last time I think I felt him sometime between 18-20 weeks, this time I felt the 'quickening' around 12 weeks and then felt kicks around 15 weeks. Very exciting. She's much more of a roller than a kicker. She generally moves a bit in the morning but mostly it's during the late afternoon and then at night that she is wiggling, or maybe that's when I'm sitting and notice it best. Either way, I love it.

Well, enough of that and time for some pics of our ultrasound from Friday at 20 weeks. I thought it'd be our last, but due to Johann's siblings being born with six fingers and/or toes we have to go back to get a better look at her hands and feet. Since Johann didn't have it, I'm not sure why we have to, but I'll talk to the doctor at the next appointment on Thursday and see what he says (our ultrasound was out of office).

Yup, it's still a girl!

One of her hands, pointing her little finger, looks like only 5 to me.

Spine and skull

Okay, am I a horrible mom for thinking this view kind of makes her look like Voldemort? Don't answer that... I'm sure she doesn't and this probably isn't the most flattering view. Maybe another ultrasound just for a better profile pic...ha!

We are so excited for our little girl!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Lil' Dragons

Back in January we signed Henry up for his first karate class at the rec center closest to our place. For 6 weeks, every Wednesday from 6-6.30 Henry got to ninja it up.

Henry with his friend Colin, from our ward.

Henry doing the obstacle course at the end of class.
Poor Henry, as you can see in the back most (and by the end of the class ALL) of the kids had uniforms. But they were 30 bucks! 30 bucks for a crummy uniform that made most of the kids trip. pssh. no thanks.

I was a little dismayed when after a brief introduction on the first night the teacher then gave all the parents the boot out of the room. I thought for sure Henry would do something crazy and that would be the end of karate lessons. Happily he didn't seem to have any problems aside from dancing in line while waiting for his turn on the obstacle course. Whew.

And it pretty much went like that every week. We drop him off and then at the end of class the teacher invited everyone to come back in to see the kids do the obstacle course that showed the skills they learned and some closing moves.

His teacher was really good and she didn't really let them act up at all. One of the moms said another class her old son had been in was total chaos but this lady definitely had them under control, which is pretty amazing when there are 7 three year olds with 6 of them boys.

Henry's last night of class, showing me some moves.

It was a really good experience and Henry loved going. I went ahead and signed him up for a peewee sports class that will go over the course of a month and a swimming class that will both start in April. I do like having these rec center classes for Henry and he loves them. Win-win.

*Note, Henry usually didn't even get in trouble when he danced in line even though they were suppose to stand still and she would correct other kids. He somehow managed to slip under the radar and I think I've found out what it is- the kid has magic hair. Every time he was by the teacher in line, she was totally petting his head and I think in turn he was hypnotizing her. Guess that's a good reason never to buzz him.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Get you some goals

Oh 2012, I tell Johann it's a good thing I'm making a baby because otherwise I would feel useless at times.

My goals last year were pretty sensible and I think I managed to at least work on them if not fully complete them.

I tried to make goals that were still doable during a crazy year and I know this year will be absolutely ridiculous especially once the baby comes and we have to do all the moving business again. So, better late than never, here are my goals for 2012:

1. Take a family picture (I know, you are all laughing, aren't you?)

2. Have an organized move come June

3. Attend the temple 12 times in the year

4. Be a better visiting teacher

5. Magnify my calling

6. Read Daughters in My Kingdom: The History and Work of the Relief Society

7. Read 10 books (plays and short story collections can count too, maybe a few plays to count as 'a book')

8. Finish all of MI-5 (kind of a stupid one, but a doable one, plus I won't be able to handle it when the post-partum hormones come)

9. Have one-on-one time with Henry

10. Go on 6 actual dates with Johann (ie-not dates we have at home)

11. Continue working out daily

12. Work on family history (transcribing my dad's journal, taking names to the temple, they also just called a couple to teach a family history class so we'll attend that)

13. Send out birth announcements for the little one

Wish me luck! =)

A Birthday

Quarter of a century! Way to have made it this far, me!

Every year I think coming up with what I want for Christmas is hard and then just over a month later, I have to think of something for my birthday. Children, be grateful both of you will have mid-year birthdays away from big holidays.

Despite just getting over Christmas, it was a really nice not only birthday, but birthday weekend since my birthday was on a Monday.

On Saturday Johann decorated the apartment and his parents came out for the day. We spent time with them at the apartment, walked around the temple and then they treated us to a nice birthday dinner at Famous Dave's BBQ. We had never been there before but we'd certainly like to go again. It was yummy. Thanks again, Jim and Trixi!

Then we came back to our place, skyped with Johann's sister and her fam (Saturday was her actual birthday) and had the tasty ice cream cake Johann got.
Sunday morning I got to sleep in-oh, it's so heavenly-and then was asked by a little voice at the side of the bed if I wanted to eat my breakfast in the bed or come downstairs and eat with him. I'm not a big fan of eating in the bed so I went downstairs to a nice breakfast prepared by the boys. Poor Johann though, it was fast Sunday and I felt a little bad eating while he did dishes and talked to me. I'd say he's a pretty good guy. =)
On Monday the 6th, my actual birthday, I got to be bossed around by Henry for the first half of the day. boo. He was kind of grumpy. Thankfully Johann had an early day, came home and I got to open my presents.
I think I must be hard to shop for, again, especially after Christmas but penguin classics' Coralie Bickford-Smith editions are always sure to please. He also actually surprised me gift-wise for I think the first time since we've been married and got me a new snoogle pillow cover. I've been needing one for a long time but Johann hates my giant pillow so I didn't think he'd buy it an accessory. Touche me. He picked a perfect pattern, probably what I'd have picked. Then he got another sure pleaser, a gift card to Old Navy. I'm going to need warm weather maternity clothes, most of mine are for winter.

After opening gifts we headed out to Hobby Lobby to pick out a frame for this lovely lady that I got at Christmas.
We found the frame pretty quickly then headed out to the Town Square mall to get some Kabuki. Luckily, our quick frame purchase meant we made it in time to Kabuki for sushi happy hour, which we didn't even know existed and got some sweet deals.

While I was jealous about not getting any philladelphia rolls, I was pretty content eating the other rolls with cooked meat. mmmm, I crave it all day, every day.

The server even picked up on the fact that it was my birthday and brought out a little treat.

Prior to the treat coming out, Henry had seen a frozen yogurt place across the way and asked if he could have some after. He did a good job eating his noodles, ate a california roll and tried an philly roll so we said we'd get him some.

We walked in, got Henry a little bit, Johann saw some funky flavors and got a bit too. When we went to pay the guy said we didn't need to put it on the scale, we were a bit confused asked how much and he said, "free." When we looked more confused he pointed to a sign that that it was blue spoon free day. Woot! So I went and got some and Johann added to his pittance. It's like the universe was making up for the Mitt Romney yogurt block a couple days before.
We finished our yogurt while walking around then hopped in the car and went to old navy and babies r us. We had a gift car from Johann's mom over Christmas to babies r us so we decided to go ahead and get the diaper bag and couple other things.
Finally we put Henry to bed, got birthday calls from some family and ate the pie Johann brought home while we watched a show together.
I'm pretty sure having a whole 3 days of birthday celebration will not be easily topped. But, I figure once we have another little one, something like this won't be doable for years so I am grateful to have had such a nice birthday this year.
Thank you to everyone who sent cards or messages for helping to make it such a lovely birthday! I love my family and I love Johann for always doing all he can to make sure I have a good birthday-he certainly succeeded this year!

A Holiday

I don't feel very on top of things lately, Valentines day this year is a good example. Last year we got Henry some fun little treats and gifts as well as something for each other, helped plan a party for all the kidfaces in the ward, attended said party and helped do a Relief Society Valentines activity.
This year it just snuck up on us and we didn't really realize until Sunday, when my very sweet visiting teaching brought us cookies, that it was coming in two days.

We saved a few to eat on Vday-thanks Amber and kids for the cookies!

Knowing Johann would probably be up and out of the door before Henry and I were up we decided to go ahead and have our Valentines day breakfast Monday night. Henry helped me make some pink heart shaped pancakes and I made the mistake of throwing some red dye on the eggs (come on, self, red plus yellow will not yield pink but orange) so we had semi pink pancakes and orange eggs.

After that I got to spend some time helping Henry write, and writing myself, on the Valentines for Henry's class party at preschool the next day. It was so weird for me to realize this was something I had to do this year. He's merging into full on kid life and it just seems so soon sometimes.

Now don't worry, all the stuff we did on Monday night still somehow didn't manage to sink in and when Johann woke up the next morning and said, "Happy Valentines Day" I think my response was something like, "Oh, crap." I had managed to forget again and was afraid I'd forgotten something, which I'm sure I did but I don't remember now.

Henry got lots of loot from preschool since he got to be around when the older kids did their party too and he got to make some fun crafts. Good thing he has preschool now, otherwise the poor kid would be craft starved.

Johann got home later that afternoon and brought some flowers and treats (I think he was feeling like we had slacked a lot this year too). He knows I'm not a big fan of flowers on Valentines but said he just wanted to have something nice on the table ( annnnd I think cover his behind in case my hormones all the sudden decided I would like flowers that year-smart man).

We talked and played with Henry for a bit and then got our very original heart shaped pizza dinner prepared. I even let Henry do most of the topping this year. There was a bit of a cheese overflow but, hey, the more cheese the merrier, right?

After dinner Henry finally got to go through his candy from preschool and pick out a couple of treats. Johann and I had some of the chocolate covered almonds and an airhead a piece, kind of passed out on the couch, put Henry to bed and then passed out for good feeling sufficiently sick for having eaten crud.

So overall, a pretty uneventful day, but at least we kept up a few of our traditions, no matter how uninventive. Henry seemed to have a fun day and heck, we got pizza and some pretty flowers for the table. I guess despite it being so last minute and hodge podge we can call it good for this year.

Happy Valentines Day!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Scripture Study

Since Johann works early and I can't make myself get up before Henry does around 6:30, 6:45, Johann and I end up doing our couple scripture study at night.

Monday night (my birthday) Johann brought home a pie that we still had not managed to get to by the time we needed to get ready to head for bed.

We grabbed our scriptures and started reading from the upcoming sunday school lesson in 2 Nephi 4. When we got to verse 27 Johann read,

And why should I yeild to sin, because of my flesh? Yea, why should I give way to temptations, that the evil one have place in my heart to destroy my peace and afflict my soul? Why am I hungry because of mine enemy?

and kept reading not even realizing he substituted 'hungry' for 'angry' bah haha.

I think it's one of my favorite scripture reading slips yet.

Needless to say, we stayed up a little longer so we could have some pie and Johann didn't have to have his peace destroyed and soul afflicted.