Sunday, May 24, 2015

Leo 11 Months

Leo was in the middle of having roseola when he turned 11 months and was too miserable to do anything other than cling to me 24/7. I wish I was exaggerating. My poor, poor wrists. So these pictures are from 11 months and one week. 

So far this month the biggest news is he has taken up to five independent steps but still no walking on his own really. You have to stand him up and he'll do his little toddle towards you. It's so adorable. I've yet to catch it on camera yet since he'll only give it a couple tries before he's done. Hopefully going vertical will spare his jammie knees which keep getting holes and allow him more outside time.

It's hard to realize the little baby time is about to be all but gone. Thankfully he's still quite the most 'baby baby' I've ever had. He loves to cuddle and is just goofy all around. He loves, loves mommy which can be a plus and minus.

 I'm looking forward to being able to give him milk in the hopes that Johann and I can get a trip to the temple in since I haven't been able to be away from him for more than 2 to 3 hours at a time. We'll see if he'll abide it.

What else is there to say except little Leo, how you are loved!

8 Years

We celebrated 8 years of marriage this past week.
Glad that the quality of our engagement pictures was not commensurate to the last 8 years, haha!
Love you!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Leo 10 Months

 Alright, I'm done with this...

The biggest change Leo made during 10 months was climbing. 

It began by finding out he could get on top of the lincoln log bin. 

Then the playroom couch.

The trunk in the kids' room

And the next morning, Dorothea's bed.

He is so proud of himself when he climbs up something. He can get on some other couches in the house if someone is sitting there and he can grab on to their leg and scramble up.

In addition to climbing it seems he might be getting ready to head towards walking.

He'll stand solo for up to 10 or 15 seconds before plopping down on his tush.

As far as eating, we try to just share whatever we have with him. He loves tomatoes, cheese and rice more than most other things. He's not really that excited by fruit yet and that makes breakfast more difficult, which is how Henry was (sans bananas) except Henry hated most food now that I think about it... Leo's favorite way to eat his food, however, is throwing it down then signing 'all done' and eating it off the floor. I know, I should prevent this somehow. But. Third child.

He still throws a fit to go outside any time anyone else is outside. Whenever he hears my brother come in he knows he's going to the back yard to work on his garden and positions himself to the side of the door in hopes of sneaking out. It's pretty funny.

But since he still puts everything in his mouth and isn't walking, he doesn't get to go out as much as the other two since I'll have work to do while they're outside. I still take him out daily though and while he use to love swinging, he'll now do it for about five minutes and then insist on getting out to play somewhere else and after about 15-20 minutes of keeping him out of trouble, I'm ready to take him in.

And that's Leo at 10 months!

Leo 7-9 Months

Seven Months

Signage became increasingly problematic. 

Eight Months

 Attempted remedy to previous month's problem. 

Nine Months 

 So sad

 Wait, happy 

Who doesn't shove dirt up their nose then sneeze it out? 

Leo is definitely the family baby. We just love, love that little cuddle man!

Mother's Day



Leo got roseola and was a poor miserable soul.


Uncle Jakey came into town.

Johan, Henry and Thea had a Mother's Day meal Friday night for Abuela along with Grandpa, Uncle Kaleb and Apollo. I stayed home with the sickie. 


Signed kids up for swimming then took the madre and myself for a pedicure and manicure. 

Henry had a soccer game.

Brothers and Henry took the madre out to lunch and brought some home for Johann and I who stayed with a grumpy, roseola Leo and passed out Thea. 

I went and enjoyed an entire two hours picking up things I had put off getting and doing a little shopping. Amazing. 

Madre and boys came back from the movies and we all hung out until far too late.


Had pastries and eggs for breakfast.

Opened up a 'zoob elephant' Henry made me and read the card and poem they made with daddy.

Spoke in church on womanhood.

Came home and had roast all together.

Jakey left.

Went to bed.

 My mom and her little brood.

Me and Mine :)