Thursday, September 29, 2011

I'm an Aunt!

Yep, with a capital 'A'

I've been waiting for this for a long time. All my other friends have been aunts for a while now (guilt trip, guilt trip, guilt trip, one for each brother) so I'm happy to finally be one, compliments of Johann's sister and her husband.
Here he is! Maximus Aidan Jones born this past Sunday morning.

Poor Max had to have an extended hospital stay because of some fluid he swallowed, they wanted to rule out any chances of infection, but now he is safely at home with his mom and dad.

And here is a pic Max's mommy sent me today on my phone of him wearing one of the outfits we got him. I thoroughly intend to be the most beloved and over-indulgent Aunt that ever was, especially since I can always hand him back if he decides to be naughty! haha. =)
Congrats Natalie and Bryan!

Field Trip

I think Henry's face in the picture above sums up how excited he was to go on his first preschool field trip, on Tuesday, to the fire station.

Two of the boys have dads who are firefighters in the same station so they talked to the kids about fire safety then gave them a tour and showed them all their fun fire fighting tools.

Do you see what is happening in the above picture? That's Henry and apparently his new best friend, but I think that changes daily, holding hands. They were just standing on the line learning about the truck and the next time I looked over they're holding hands! It was adorable. He rode over in our car with us to and from the station and they chatted and played in the backseat. It was pretty cute how they decided since they rode over together they would stick next to each other.

Looking through the truck was fun but I think Henry wasn't super impressed because last year in Provo they got to go on a fire truck and sit in the driver's seat, push buttons and all that fun stuff while they mostly just walked through this time.

If you know Henry, then you know he likes wearing costumes so trying on the jacket was a lot of fun for him.

But I believe his favorite part had to be shooting the fire hose. I love that they had kids 'back each other up.' I especially love that it is the smallest girl in the class being backed up by Henry who is probably the second or third smallest in the class. ha!

Now Henry shooting the water and being 'backed up' by one of the fire fighter's kids.

This fireman was so nice and he took a shine to Henry and even let him play on his radio and say a couple things over it to some other firemen. It was pretty funny.

The cousins-Raiden, Ariana and Henry on the fire truck.

The preschool and pre-K class with the fire fighting dads and miss Nancy.

Henry getting his hat at the end of the tour.

It was so fun to go to the fire station and see all the excitement of the kids. I can't wait for his next field trip!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Happy First Day of Fall!

Have I ever mentioned I love Fall? It is by far my favorite season. So it figures I grew up somewhere without a 'real' Fall and we are again living somewhere Fall doesn't fully exist. Fall is one of the things I am really missing about Provo: Fall walks around campus, looking up at the mountains changing into beautiful, vivid oranges, yellows and reds; drives up the canyon; picnics in the canyon; I think I am even missing the idea of going to the overrated and overpriced activities at Corn Belly's!
So here is my pictorial ode to Fall.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Movin' on up

The position of resident handyman in our family has always been vacant. Hopefully Henry will have some skill for it because Johann and I are both a bit hopeless. I think that's why for the past 4 years our tool box has been a badly beaten up shoebox.

Hey, at least I did label it 'tools' so it was more legit.

Knowing that we will more than likely, and hopefully, be moving again in the next 9-12 months, we decided it would be a good investment to have a toolbox that wasn't busting at the seems and spilling out half of it's heavy contents all the time. Giant wrench on the toe-ouch.

Enter a nice little sale at Wal-Mart the other day where a tool box that was originally 16 something was only 9 something. Que bueno.

Look at that beast. Sorry poor, little shoe box. You did good but now it's time to upgrade.

Monday, September 12, 2011


I just realized a couple nights ago that the cut out in the wall of the stairwell is the mirror image of the shape of Nevada!

Yep, been doing some deep thinking alright. =) I think they did it on purpose but Johann says I'm crazy. Why else would it be in such a weird shape, right?

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Thank you

I just wanted to post a quick thank you to everyone who commented on the last post or had some kind words to share. I really, sincerely appreciate your comments, kindness, understanding and empathy.
I'm grateful to know each of you and grateful that you took that time to read something that was hard for me and then to offer some words of understanding. I think sometimes it's scary for me to put things like that on my blog, kind of like letting someone come over when the dishes aren't done, I haven't showered and my hair is a mess; but instead of telling me I needed to shower, do my hair and do the dishes, you were considerate enough to listen to why things were in a bad state and say instead, "I understand." So with that, I am feeling quite a bit better and up to the things that I'm facing and will be facing morning after morning. So again, thank you.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

'That parent'

Today has been a bad day. And it's only 2pm. And as I think about it, not just today but pretty much since moving we have had one long, only shortly interrupted with happiness, bad day.

Especially with Henry.

I think I have spent more time crying on the floor in the hall or in Henry's room than I can remember doing since he was born.

Today was a continuation of the bad day. Here is a quick run down: Henry is up for an hour in the early, early morning (2-3:30am), will not cooperate with getting dressed, throws a tantrum, has several time-outs which result in him hitting me several times during the time-out since he won't stay in time-out and I have to hold him; screaming, and crying ensue on both parties' ends. Finally some calm is restored, a couple books are read, clothes are put on and Henry goes to preschool.
Then I pick him up from preschool only to find out that he has thrown a rock at a boy's head and created two gashes on said boy's forehead while playing at recess.

I have to stop here first to say that I don't think Henry is a bad kid. He does have a good heart and he is a good boy but somehow he is always involved in the trouble. One of my cousins who worked at the preschool said, "Oh the boys are always throwing rocks and we always have to get on them about it." But, of course, Henry is the only one to nail another kid in the head with a rock and cause gashes.

Just like he manages to be the only little boy who wants to always play with the biggest boy in the preschool and end up getting knocked over or pushed off the slide.

It's like he's a magnet or something.

A while back a friend of mine wrote a great blog post called "Unfit" wherein she discussed some of the frustration she was feeling surrounding her emotions about parenting. I think today's post will be a bit reminiscent of her post in that I feel completely unfit to be a parent at this moment.

Like I said, I don't believe for a second that Henry's is bad. I just feel like I am failing him somehow: not giving him enough structure; disciplining him too much and not advocating for him enough; not disciplining him enough; not finding ways to help him sleep; not finding ways to get him to eat more; worrying too much about him;not worrying enough about him.

I mean, I blew up in the car on him. I yelled. I mean yelled. I told him he knew better than to throw rocks, what if that boy has to get stitches, how could he have done that, no shows for him and certainly no treasure from the treasure box this weekend even if he earns enough magnets etc.

Then I fee like I over reacted, I mean, kids will at some point throw rocks right? If it had happened to him I'd be unhappy about it but if they were all throwing rocks at each other and Henry was the unlucky one I would just tell him to not play where kids are throwing rocks next time and give him some ice cream or something.

But somehow, now I feel like Henry is, again, "that kid" like he became in nursery and swimming lessons-even though he wasn't malicious but just, I dunno a kid; getting ouy of his seat or not staying on the step.

I guess what it comes down to is that I have this nagging feeling that never wants to leave that I have ruined Henry or done something to make him 'that kid.' You know, the one primary leaders and teachers will always dread coming into their class. Then I have another nagging voice that says I'm a horrible parent for even thinking of letting myself see him labeled as, 'that kid' and I should stand up for him more in every perceived slight towards him.

I don't know what to do. I want to help Henry but I feel like I don't know how. I need him to eat more and sleep more in the hopes that it will be easier for him to have more good days. Mostly I feel guilty that we move so much and have to change his routine all the time based on moving and then school schedules.

Then enters the big guilt which says this is just another reason why we shouldn't get to have more kids-look at the horrible job I'm doing with just one.

I know I'm viewing things too emotionally and not rationally enough but it is still painful and frustrating. So what do you do when you feel like a failure as a parent so you don't just crawl into a hole and cry?

Saturday, September 3, 2011


We've been all settled into our new place in Henderson, NV for a little over a week now. We've done so much moving that we get unpacked and settled in within a matter of days. We're really grateful to have had help from my cousin, George, with all the heavy lifting, my brother, Hamp, who drove a car with some more of our stuff out and Johann's parent's who came and helped with moving and watching Henry. Thanks to all of them, the actual act of moving went pretty smoothly. Not to mention thanks to my other cousin, Nancy, who let us take over her garage for the summer with all our stuff so we only had to load up and move everything a few miles to the new place. The point is-thank you everyone who helped make this move!

So without further adieu, here are pictures of our new place taken at some point earlier in the week.

Front door (also there is dark trim throughout that is not attractive. I don't know what they were thinking with it, but it's less stark in person than picture)

To the left of entering the front door

To the front and right of the front door

To the immediate right of the front door

Back yard, off of the living room

More of the back yard. We are thinking of taking out all the rock and just letting it be dirt so Henry can play out there more easily.

Henry's nook by the dinning room and kitchen.

Open the door and there is the downstairs guest bathroom

Guest bathroom again

Guest bathroom. It has been nice having a bathroom downstairs. Henry doesn't want to be upstairs or downstairs by himself so it's nice not to have to run upstairs every time he needs to potty.



Kitchen. It's nice having a pantry and having way more cupboard space than we've had in any other place.

Entry way into the kitchen from the garage

Garage. Ignore the trash. We missed trash day. Boo.

Stairs right across from garage entrance.

To the left of the stairs, the master bedroom

Master bedroom

Master closet. A little messy but I don't want to invest in organizers since who knows when we'll move again.

Master bedroom, leading into the bathroom


Master bathroom

Hall from master to Henry's room

Look! A built-in time-out nook for Henry, right by his room!

Washer and dryer closet in the hallway

Henry's room

Closet 1 in Henry's room

Henry's again


We were able to make his bed into a full length twin since his room is quite a bit bigger now

Henry's bathroom



Closet 2 in Henry's room.

Whew. That was a lot of pictures. We really like our place. There is a little community pool and spa that have never been too crowded and it is pretty quiet. Henry loves getting to go swimming so much. The funniest part is being asked for cigarettes every time we run into someone but other than that people just kind of keep to themselves. Well, that's all for now. Hope you enjoyed the tour!