Wednesday, November 30, 2011


This year we had a pretty busy Thanksgiving week/weekend.

We did our Christmas decorating before we left since we are only at our place for a few weeks in December and Henry was beginning to get going on it.

Note: Henry managed to make "eevel" from our believe sign.Yikes!

Then on Tuesday night we had our friends come in from Arizona to stop overnight before continuing on to their Thanksgiving festivities in Utah.

We had a nice dinner out the night with them and my cousin and her two boys. I love when we can go out to eat and enjoy the time there without thinking about having to do dishes or clean up!

Wednesday morning we had a nice breakfast together (thanks Costco) then they headed to Utah while Henry and I packed up for our trip to CA.

Lizze and Henry enjoying jumping on the airmattress

Once Johann got back home we headed straight for Riverside and spent the night and Thanksgiving there. It was pretty quiet, with just us, Johann's parents, his brother Kaleb and Kaleb's fiance, Kailee. They were so cute and made Henry little turkey cookies for dessert which he loved :)

Henry convince Abuela and Grandpa to take out their tree for him to decorate too. Maybe he's part elf?

Johann carving his first turkey

Cute turkey cookies made by Kaleb and Kailee

Getting his gaming on with Uncle Kaleb

That night we decided to do something I'll never do again because of how tired I was the rest of the weekend-Black Friday. We drove to AV, dropped Henry off at my moms and headed to Target. It really wasn't that horribly crowded, the line was ridiculous to check out, though it moved fast, but I think I've decided it's not worth it! We were able to get double the stuff for the budget we set for Henry's 'Santa gifts' and got it all done in one night, but man. I think I'm still tired. I know, being out of school has spoiled me sleep wise I think.

Friday we did the traditional setting up for Christmas and Henry baked Christmas cookies with Grammy, some to eat and some to go on the tree.

Saturday we went and Saw the Muppets, it was pretty darn cute and then spent time with the fam.

Sunday, we went to church with my mom, where Henry decided to cast himself in a starring role in Sacrament meeting by yelling at Johann as he took him out, "LET GO OF ME YOU STUPID GUY!!!" Poor Johann. He's shy enough as is. Oh and additionally everyone got to see the lovely drawing Henry did on his tummy right before church as he was being dragged out. THAT, however, was started by Grammy. Yeah, you're still in trouble for that one!
Oh, and the best part-the first talk was on following the example of little children. I think everyone in the congregation got a good laugh out of the juxtaposition they saw that morning. So happy we can visit a provide some entertainment. :)

It was, as always, a quick trip, but we're happy it's a much closer one now. Only a few more weeks and we'll get to have our extended Christmas stay, as well as Kaleb and Kailee's weeding-woohoo! Come on, December!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

New Boots

Thursday was a good day for Henry. Not just because his Grammy came for Vetrans' Day weekend but because *finally* a much awaited package arrived:

Aren't those the cutest little fireman boots ever? Henry's old pair of snow boots that he'd had for about a year and a half finally gave up the ghost. They were already stinky, ripped and overall tattered from almost constant use but when he had an accident last Saturday and some of it made it into the boots, I was done. There was no saving those things at that point. So, he finally got some new boots.

Now that is one happy kid. He has had them on since Thursday all but one day. Let's see if these can hold out for at least a year and a half like the last ones.

Friday, November 4, 2011

See, I'm not crazy and or making it up

Remember THIS POST from over summer where I complained about the temple=castle; girl=disney princess stuff they teach in YW? Most of the people who commented said they'd never heard of it and I started thinking, did I make this up in my head? I thought it was a widely practiced YW kind of thing. Then just now on my news feed I saw the above! See, I'm not crazy or making it up. GAAAAH.

It's not 'his' castle, or yours, pretty sure it's God's and acting silly and entitled isn't going to help you be special. Being righteous will. But I've said enough on this topic already.

So while I'm picking on people anyway, I may as well finally get this one out of my system:

Isn't this awesome?! Hermione is all about modesty! WRONG. Reread that and think about it for a couple minutes and see if that's REALLY what she's saying.

Ok, first off, yes, give her credit. She's in a place where being a skank and dressing disgustingly are routine and acceptable and it's awesome she doesn't want to run around mostly naked. BUT that's awesome for someone of her understanding, however, not something that should be hung up in the YW room in the church. Instead of true modesty, she's trying to say modesty is more sexy than not being modest. And forgive me, but I'm pretty sure the point isn't to find a way to follow the standards of the church so you can meet the goals of the world, ie, use a church standard, modesty to become the goal of the world for women, ie, sexy.
So I understand if that was confusing and you thought really it was an awesome message. But it's not. Not for young women who are striving to be virtuous.

El fin.