Saturday, September 22, 2012

Happy 1st Day of Fall!

If I could marry a season, I'd marry Fall. 

Hooray for it's arrival!

Summer A.D.

After Dorothea arrived this summer...

Johann's uncle Jorge, cousin Mariana and 2nd cousine Juan Manuel visited from Uruguay

Mariana and Thea 

Juanma and Henry. Henry ADORED Juanma and still asks about him

He got to go with them to SeaWorld

Getting ready to feed the seals 

The animal show there. His favorite part of the day, he said, was seeing the silly piggy at this show.

And since SeaWorld just isn't enough, he got to go to Disneyland too...

Jorge, Juanma, Henry, Johann and Grandpa

Loved Star Tours, was scared of Haunted Mansion but loves talking about it still 

Buzz Lightyear ride, his favorite, with Mariana 

Pickpocketing Juanma?

My favorite story that Johann shared from their trip was that some asian girls asked to take a picture with Henry and then every time they were in line with any asian girls they would catch them taking pictures of Henry or they would ask to touch his hair. Bah-ha! I should take him over there and set up shop, make a pretty penny and just hope his hair doesn't darken. 

It was really fun to meet some more of Johann's family from Uruguay and this winter Gaby (cousin)is coming again. I just love her and am so excited to see her again and have her meet Thea. Everyone I have met from his extended family from there has been extremely kind, thoughtful and they are especially good at playing with Henry. Even though Juanma is a teenager he let Henry be his shadow everywhere they went and Mariana and Jorge were so good to him too. Hopefully they'll be able to come out again in the not too distant future. 

Then there were swimming lessons

And blowing up soap (thanks pinterest)

lots of visits, of which I got some pics

Kelly's little girl Clara and Thea

Henry as Wolverine, Eizen as Batman and Ozzy as Superman

Catrina and Thea (and they even matched). I was SO happy to see and spend time with them!

Uncle Hamp and Aunt Anna came for Thea's blessing

so did Uncle Jakey

Got a haircut

made some playdough

 did lots of crafts

worked on his burping the baby skills

lots of drawing-this is a vampire talking to a spider

fed the fishies at the fish hatchery

 got to see Paranorman in 3D and kept the glasses to thug it up

So having a baby sure didn't make the summer slow down. 

And now that the summer has officially ended we might need a little time to catch up, right kiddos?

Friday, September 14, 2012

2 Months

A little bit about Miss Thea at 2 months

 She is really getting the hang of smiling. I loooove it. There is nothing like having a responsive smile and coo. While she is definitely not as motivated to roll around like Henry was, she is much more into chatting than he was. 

While she still doesn't look forward to tummy time, she will not lay on her back and coo at her little friends above and smile and giggle every once and a while too.

What Thea is most interested in as far as movement is sitting up. She loves doing little baby sit-ups and if you get her head off the ground she can pull it up an inch and a half or so and hold it while she struggles to go further. 
She can bare all her weight, sturdy girl, sturdy legs, and likes standing on hard surfaces and wobbling around when you just hold her hands. 

She still continues to have brown hair and has hardly shed any of it. It's gotten a bit lighter but hasn't all fallen out to be replaced by super blonde hair like Henry's was. So perhaps we'll have a brown haired kiddo this time around. 

Speaking of the blonde boy, he adores his little sister. He tells random people, "my baby is CUUUTE." He is always trying to be next to her, tries to tell me he can hold her on his own and sometimes if he is feeling extra big brotherish, he'll sing her twinkle little star, baa baa black sheep or itsy bitsy spider. 

Bathy time is one of her favorite parts of the day I think. She does a little kicking and splashing but mostly she just enjoys being in the water, relaxing. 

 Henry requested this picture of, "you're nakey kids." Nakey here means in undies, I swear he has some on. 

A little too much lovin' again. 

I am completely in love with this girl! She is a chubalub and it makes cuddling her so much fun. She has a happy disposition, and waking up to smiles every morning is just so sweet. We'll have her doctor's appointment on Wednesday and see how she is doing with everything. I suspect she'll be looking stat-wise closer to a 4 month old than a 2 month old! 
Happy 2 months bebe! 

Graduation Week

The day after Thea's blessing we left for Provo, Utah to attend Johann's graduation.

It seemed to go by way too quickly but luckily we were still about to visit some of our favorite old places, see some friends and enjoy the fact that Johann was graduating. One of his professors summed up the relief and joy of Johann graduating when he said, "I am ecstatic to see you here."

Here are some highlights

 I craved rice krispy treats from Noodles and Co the whole time I was pregnant. It was soooo delicious. Yes, it's worthy of a highlight pic.

Ah. We saw all our old apartments and this was the last we lived in before leaving Provo. Probably one of the best years if not the best year we spent in Provo.  

Miss attending the Provo Temple 

Got to do a bit of visiting with cousin Max and fam 

"you don't have to push a handcart..."
Church history museum  

City Creek Center-holy hannah. 

Met up with Kelly, Nate and Clara in SLC. Thank you for hanging out with us even though it was your anniversary! You guys are the best! 

Got to see Rachel and Abbagirl. I love how these two just pick up wherever they left off as though they saw each other yesterday.

And finally, graduation 

And then convocation

Johann with cohort fellow, Buddy, program director Ellie and Buddy's son, Buddy Jr.  

The whole gang 

The graduate and his kiddos



 Lunch at the MOA
"Stop taking pics and let me eaaaat, woman!" 

And a final visit with the Smiths =) 

Henry was trying to get Tanner to do a zombie pose...Tanner's zombie is much cuter than Henry's =)

Three cheers for Johann Simonds, EdS!