Tuesday, April 23, 2013

101 in 1001

Recently one of my friends decided to do 101 goals in 1001 days. I didn't make any resolutions or goals this year and I've felt a little sad about it and decided I should hop on her band wagon and do the 101 in 1001. It was really good for me because it helped me realize how unambitious I have become. It was a struggle to get to 40 then I finally remembered there is more to life than making it to bedtime and was able to really get going. I finished the list a while ago (compiled it on my phone) but I'll go ahead and mark tomorrow as my starting date. 

Start date: April 24rd, 2013. 
End date: January 20th, 2016
1.Finish Anne of Green Gables series

2.Go a month with no treats.

3.Sew something
4.Take family pictures
5.Write a short story
6.Transcribe dads journals
7.Send out Christmas cards
8.Entire family dress up for Halloween
9.Welcome a new member of the family
10.get a pedicure with Thea
11.Purchase a new vehicle
12.Have a mommy son day
13.Have a mommy daughter day
14.Go a week without any electronic device present at dinner time (cell phones)
15.Have a 'golden day'
16.Visit 2 states I've never been to
17.Find an ancestor
18.Hand write 3 letters
19.Sleep 8-9 hours, seven nights in a row
20.Learn how to grill
21.Unplug completely for a day
22.Reread the Old Testament
23.Reread the New Testament
24.Study church history in depth for a month
25.Watch the sun rise
26.Eat somewhere 'famous'
27.Join or form a book club
28.Attend 3 temples never before attended
29.Go to a museum I've never been to
30.Purchase an original piece of art
31.Make 50 new recipes
32.Blog every day for a month
33.Attend a lecture
34.Attend a class
35.Get a hobby
36.Go on a bike ride
37.Go on a boat ride
38.Go on a hike
39.Learn and acquire a new 'board' game
40.See hot air balloons take off
41.Go to Disneyland with the kids
42.Go camping
43.Visit a national park
44.Make a birthday cake from scratch
45.Spend a day at the beach
46.Organize the sheds
47.Grow an herb
48.grow something outside
49.Write a poem
50.Read Twyla Tharp's The Creative Habit in a day
51.Watch 5 foreign films
52.Get a pet
53.Go to the movies 10 times
54.Develop a family tradition for Christmas
55.Develop a family tradition for Easter
56.Do a family service project
57.Read the Book of Mormon w/Henry
58.Watch fireworks
59.Go to a parade
60.Go on a mini vacation w/Johann
61.Take the kids to play in the snow
62.Get a massage
63.Take part/attend a community event
64.Attend a play
65.Attend an opera
66.Attend an orchestral or symphonic concert
67.go to a fair
68.Go apple picking
69.Do all the planning for a date w/Johann
70.Teach Henry how to prepare 2 different meals
71.Make a memory scrapbook/album for Thea
72.Visit Solvang
73.Visit a mission
74.Go to the Provo Tabernacle Temple
75.Go to a water park
76.Do a swim class with Thea
77.buy a family Christmas ornament
78.Visit Hearst castle
79.Make a pie from scratch
80.Write/send a package to a missionary
81.Go to a baseball game and don't complain
82.Do 50 crafts/activities with the kids from Pinterest
83.Attend the church service of another faith
84.Find something worthwhile at a garage sale or thrift store
85.Write a story for Thea and Henry
86.Get a picture of all the grand kids together
87.Go through the entire yoga book
88.Read 50 books
89.Organize file box
90.Do YW personal progress
91.Read a novel with Henry and 300 books with Thea
92.Frame pictures for Johann's office
93.Organize master closet
94.Create a writing notebook/blog something
95.Make the car travel friendly
96.Have a picnic
97.get to know one of my neighbors
98.Ride a horse
99.Read BoM along with Christ and the New Covenant
100.Memorize 50 scriptures

101.Invite 5 other families/couples over for dinner 

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Odds and Ends

Woo! Almost caught up. Here are some of the things that have been going on the first half of April:

 Henry is getting back into doing puzzles, so I worked on this one with him one day while Thea was napping 
 Another day we made some rock monsters

 Henry started Teeball and is on the Oriels 

And started soccer-team name to be determined today.  

Dorothea's crawling has gotten her into some tight spots. And she now follows me into the bathroom. Goodbye any form of privacy.  

I somehow managed to break 2 vacuums-the first one I know was my fault (stepped on the cord while pushing out and out came the cord) but the second, I have no idea what really happened. So with a sale a costco we finally got the dyson I've always dreamed of. 

We've started trying to take some time each Saturday to do some work on the yards. 

We're hoping to put a lawn in the back for the kiddos sometime this spring/summer. 

And the lizard or whiptail Johann caught while we were working in the yard. Creepy, huh? 

Now we are just counting down to when Grammy gets off work in May and then Daddy in June and trying to plan where we want to go and what we want to get done over the break. 

Miss Thea at 9 months

 The only pictures I took on the actual day she turned 9 months, April 6th. 
Most everything still goes into the mouth. Henry never did this. When does that stop, anyone? 

It really is fun having a girl. I even attempted to paint her little piggies, didn't do a great job but it was still fun.
 Dorothea is now cruising around, pulling up on everything and is practicing letting go and standing. She has been and still is so much more a baby than Henry ever was that's is almost strange to see her getting so mobile. The funniest thing is to she her lazy, bum leg scoot when she thinks she has pretty much reached her destination she tucks one leg under and scoot crawls.
She is still quite the little chatter box and she and Henry love to 'squeak' at each other. She's also a big fan of clicking with her dad and loves making the sniffy face at anyone she can. She was going through a yelling phase whenever we'd sit down at the table but thankfully she seems to be over it for the most part now.

 She loves to clap and will wave but usually has a 10 second delay on it from the time you tell her bye bye or hello or wave at her. It was funny the other night when I took her in to say good night to my brother and his wife who are visiting and she didn't wave good night until we got back into our room.
 (mid sniffy face)

 She is just growing and developing so quickly now. One second it's fun and the next it's sad.

One thing I can't seem to get her to out grow is sleeping in our bed. She is finally starting to do better but for about a week she would only sleep 30 minutes in her crib then wake up and scream until she was put into the bed. Any magic tricks for getting them to sleep in the crib? I tried letting her cry it out and she'll pass out from crying after about 30 plus minutes but as soon as she's slept for 10 or 15 it's up again screaming.
 She will still eat anything and everything she is given but avocado in cottage cheese seems to be a favorite, aside from anything sweet she can get a taste of, like when we went to frozen yogurt the other day.
 She has now had her first ear infection, poor thing didn't really complain so I didn't know until we were at the doctors. Now she seems to be fine, though we have to go have a blood draw done to check on her iron before her next appointment. I can't believe how good she is with shots. This last time she didn't even make a peep while or after she was poked.
While she has always been a mommy's girl we are getting into the separation anxiety phase for sure. She is still pretty good going with Johann and most of the time my mom but other than that it is a pleasant surprise if she will go with anyone else.
That's about all I can think of that is new with our little miss. It feels like she has always been in our family but I still can't believe she is going to be a year so soon. 
We love you Miss Thea! 

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


The Saturday we came back from San Diego we had our ward Easter party. The primary put on a presentation that was really sweet. Henry was excited to talk into the microphone and give the part he memorized. 

 He was even more excited when he won the raffle and got this giant basket.
 On Monday before Easter we talked about the true meaning of Easter and went through some old Ensigns and cut out pictures that remind us of the true meaning of Easter and made our 'Easter Tree'
 Then Henry used Thea's pants to look like a bunny...
 Saturday morning the kids got their easter baskets and the parents and grammy got some goodies as well. mmm.

The kids had fun playing with their toys and we had a fairly normal Saturday otherwise.

On Sunday we enjoyed our lilies, going to church and having my brother over for dinner. It was a good Easter. =)

Spring Break in San Diego: Last day and going home

Last day. Sad. But probably my second favorite day of our trip. My mom stayed overnight and we all got up and headed to Hash House a go go for breakfast. I had heard about one in Las Vegas and found out there was one in SD and thought we should give it a try. I am SO glad we did. Best breakfast I've ever had and a fun atmosphere. Bonus we got there just in time because when we left there was a huge line and people waiting outside. 

 Henry got kids pancakes which were still huge (all the food is ginormous) and Johann got banana pecan french toast that was delicious. The banana was grilled and served in halves on the french toast. 

I split a delicious avacado, bacon and red onion egg scramble with my mom that came with yummy potatoes and the most delicious biscuit and strawberry jam ever. Shoot. I'm craving that biscuit with that jam now.  

Since we were all pretty stuffed we stuck the left overs in the car and strolled around the downtown area. It was really cute and nice to just be out and about. 
 The Deli Llama. We need to eat there next time.

We went back to the car when the meter was to run out and took my mom back to the hotel to get her things so she could head back to Apple Valley. We said goodbye and then since everyone was still sick and in a food coma, Johann and Thea napped while Henry watched a show and I, the mom, started getting a few things organized and packed. 

Once everyone was up we drove to see the Temple only to find out it was closed that day.

Then we drove around the gaslamp district and saw Petco Park, Horton Plaza and the downtown area there.

 We headed over the Coronado bridge to Coronado...

Saw the Hotel...

then stopped for lunch before heading to the tide pools.

 Thea's first time at the water.

Henry managed to get himself onto this rock when the tide then came in and the water was too high to get back down. One of the workers there was kind and offered to grab him since his pants and shoes were already wet.  

Next we went to Cabrillo Point

and got to see a destroyer coming in, which I thought was pretty cool!

It was then time for dinner and we went to a place a friend recommended, The Corvette Diner. 
 It was cool for maybe the first 15 minutes and then I wanted to just get out of there. Holy over stimulation batman. There was a t.v. like the one below in every booth, neon lights everywhere, a dj playing 50s and 60s music, waiters and waitresses dancing to other music and singing etc. It just got to be too much for this tired little group. Neat idea, just too much going on.

So we went back for our last night at the hotel. Henry and Johann went swimming again and I packed up and managed to finally get a picture of Dorothea being a goof in her playpen. =)
The next morning it was breakfast, packing the car and back to reality!

I'm so glad we decided to spend some time in San Diego and stay down there so we could do so many fun things!