Monday, January 30, 2012

A boy thing

The action: Me, cleaning in the bathroom.
Enter Henry

Henry: I need to go pee.
Me: Ok, go to your bathroom.
Henry: No, I need to pee in here.
Me:You wanna pee in this toilet because the water is blue, don't you?
Henry: Yes.


Henry (in ecstasy):I peed in the blue water toilet!

I think I am really starting to get a hang on what makes boys tick.

Saturday, January 28, 2012


While we were in Apple Valley this weekend past, I came across two of my dad's journals. Between the two of them they span from January 26th, 1982-December 29th, 1986.
I skimmed the latter one on the drive back to Las Vegas and then Thursday the 26th of this week, Johann and I started reading the first journal, 30 years to the day from when it was started.
The second paragraph of his first entry says

I am beginning to realize that if my journal is not kept, my children and grandchildren may not know me or the great experiences that I've had. Also if I don't write of the great blessings the hand of the Lord has bestowed upon me, myself and my posterity may forget and lose the way.

I'm so thankful for my dad following the inspiration to keep his journal. I know there are many more after the ones I found, probably boxed up in the shed, and I am going to start doing my best to get them all transcribed so that I can better know him and share who he is with my children and have us all learn from his experiences. I only have so many stories about him committed to memory that having these journals now will really help to fill in the gaps and bring new understanding and appreciation for all my dad did during his life.

So as you might imagine, once I finally get around to posting my goals for 2012, keeping a more faithful journal will be listed as well as working on getting all of my dad's on the computer.

Besides, I can't wait to find more fun discoveries like the fact that my dad was sure I was going to be a boy and that I was already named Daniel Peter Lehi at about 2 months in utero.

Thanks, dad for keeping your record.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Henry Hippopotamus

This post is all about...Henry! I feel like I haven't really kept track of what this kid has been upto in recent months via the blog and this is my attempt to correct that a bit.

The first thing I think of when I think of Henry is that he is a funny kid. And he wants to be funny. He'll routinely say something and then turn and ask us if that was funny or not. I find it interesting that somehow we've engendered in him that it's a good thing to be funny or that he naturally values it. Either way he says some funny stuff on a daily basis which helps a lot especially after he's just been or is acting like a stinker.
The best one I can think of recently was dragging him out of a restaurant and while he was yelling and screaming he stops, in the middle of the parking lot and says, "Mommy! You are not pretty anymore!" and looks at me like he just said the 'f' word. I wish I could say Johann, my mom and I all managed to not laugh like crazy and tell him how that's mean but we all laughed and so did a mom passing by.
Don't worry, my self esteem was restored the next morning when he woke up and told me I was pretty again.

I feel like a lot of his 'hobbies' have changed but he still loves to help cook or bake whenever I'll let him in the kitchen.

He also crosses his legs like the picture above a lot. He typically falls asleep in the car with his legs crossed like that.

He adores his papa/daddy. When Johann is home, Henry is within a six foot radius of him. He always groups the two of them together by saying, "the boys are sitting here....the boys are doing this..." etc.

Henry use to dread and scream during haircuts or at least be nervous. Now we go into Vinnie's and he is excited. He even let Vinnie's wife, Connie, cut his hair this last time. Which reminds me he is in need of another cut. His hair grows so fast it seems.

He can be much more helpful now. Most mornings right before or after we go up to comb his hair and brush his teeth, he takes all the stuffed animals and pillows off his bed, I do the tucking and then he puts them back on. He seems to change their arrangement every day but this seems to be one of his favorite ways to make his bed lately.

I love that when he spills something I can tell him to get the vacuum and clean it up. He usually does a pretty good job.
Speaking of helpful, he gets himself dressed every morning on his own. He comes in to tell me he's awake, which is never later than 6:45am gaaah, and then says he is going to change. He usually does a good job picking his outfits, (except for always wearing those boots, gosh, I hate them now) it's just getting him to stay in one shirt and one pair of pants all day. I finally told him last week that unless he pees himself he cannot change pants. Of course he then looked at me and said, "I peed." And sure enough, he did. Touché, Henry.

Crafts are still a big thing with him. I feel bad that I don't do them as much with him now as before because I figure he gets to do a lot of them in preschool but he still asks at least 3 or 4 times a week to do a craft.

Babies. He loves babies. He is still torn over wanting a baby brother or sister. At one point he told me if it's a girl he will tell her to get out of his house, he said he wanted a brother! Yikes. Then ten minutes later he told my cousin he was having a cute baby sister. Yeesh.
He had fun over break meeting his cousin, Max, but as I suspect will happen with this baby, he thought at times he could pick him up or was in charge of him. I'll have to buy this baby a bubble or something for when it's not attached to me.

Big kids. If Henry can get a big kid to play with him, he is in Heaven. He talks endlessly about the big girls, his 2nd cousins, Sophia and Lisset and how those big girls played with him. He'll talk about a big kid in the park from summer playing with him. He also insists he isn't a little kid but just a kid. Not quite a big one yet though I guess.
Does anybody else think the rapture has taken place when their kid goes to the bathroom?! Below is what I find when Henry has to go numero dos. Why, oh why does he think he has to take all his clothes off? I mean, even to his socks he takes EVERYTHING off. It drives me nuts. And I'm not sure why he does it. But he must enjoy the freedom because after going he usually spends at least 5 minutes dancing free as a bird in front of the mirror. Don't worry, we sanitize.

There was a time when Henry drew like nuts and then we were at Grammy's for the summer then moved and he didn't so much anymore.
He's decided he likes drawing again, which I love, hello non-messy activity.

His favorite things to draw are pirates and the inside of bodies. I know, the latter seems kind of creepy but he actually does pretty well. The above is one of his first bone ones and now when he draws hearts he even includes the valves. We were at Lakeshore the other day and they had a body model and he spent about 20 minutes playing with it and looking at all the insides. He loves going with me to the doctor and seeing the blood work done and looking at all the charts. I think it's pretty cool he is interested in all of it. I mean, when I think about it, the body is pretty dang fascinating and I want to let him explore whatever he is interested in, even if it seems a little gross at first. The problem so far was when he made his spider a boy. Poor Johann almost had a cow until he realized he's only 3 and it's pretty innocent. Oh, he is going to have a heart attack when it's time for "the talk."

He is doing much better in preschool-woohoo and manages to be good most days. It's good I'm upstairs with my cousin's baby though, otherwise I would think Henry wasn't getting anything since I can never get him to trace or write his name for me at home but he'll do it at preschool for Miss Nancy.

He is now a full fledged Sunbeam and really loves his teachers. I do too. They were so sweet and he is excited to talk about what they do in their class and it sounds like they really have a hold on how to keep 3 and 4 year olds interested. I'm so, so glad it hasn't been rough like I thought it would be.
It also feels like all our morning scripture study is starting to 'pay off' when he talks about something from primary they did, like a choose the right game and then compares it to what we learned one morning when he said, "So I have to have a squishy, soft heart so I can make good choices." Yes! And last Sunday he said something that sounded like "King Noah is my boy" and I repeated it and asked if that's what he said and he got mad and said, "No! King Noah is a bad boy! Heavenly Father is my boy!" Apparently, around our house, to Henry, King Noah is the ultimate bad guy, he is too interested in the ship and the shocks Nephi gives to care much about Lamen and Lemuel.

Well, that is probably waaaay too much for one post which reminds me I need to be better at doing short ones more frequently. Tonight he starts his karate class at the rec center. Pray for us =) and I'll be sure to post about this new adventure. If this goes well I may do one other class while we're here. Henry wants dance or gymnastics for his next one. Johann wants to cry. =)

Friday, January 6, 2012

Baby Simonds Deux

If you haven't been on fb recently, surprise!
We are expecting an addition to our family due July 13th!
We are very, very happy!

We've been struggling to bring a new little life into our family for what would have been 2 years at this point and had lots of ups and downs over that time including a very emotionally difficult miscarriage in March.

In September we decided we would no longer worry about 'trying' to have a baby but continue to be open to any possibilities that would present themselves as we moved forward. We really started to adjust to the idea of having a little 3 person family and the possibilities that would open up for us and Henry as he got older.

October I decided to start acting on our new outlook and went on my first big solo drive with Henry to visit friends in Arizona. We figured if we just had one kid we could be the travelers to see friends and not have to worry as much with a car full of kids, babies etc.

While I felt good about our new approach to life, I have to admit I was still sad and a little disappointed. But it was while standing in my friends kitchen and talking to her about our fertility issues and new outlook that I basically realized and bore my testimony that we would have more children whether it was in this life or the next, it didn't matter, all that mattered was to be worthy of that blessing and then God's promises would be sure. And I felt it solidly and deeply sink into my heart and take away any residual bitterness that was left.

November rolled around and I woke up to change our calendar. One of the paintings that was on display in the MOA during the Carl Bloch exhibit has come to mean a great deal to me. We have a calendar the bishop of our old ward gave to the ward members and when I opened to November the picture for the month was the very picture-

To me, it's been a comfort and testimony: Christ is not late and He does not forget; not only that but the most important thing we can do while waiting on Him is to let our faith reach full bloom like the rose beside the daughter of Jairus, because it is then that we will see the miracle occur and that is what must always be alive in us.

As I looked at the painting I had that a catch my breath kind of moment and felt, "maybe now it is your turn."

Four days later I took a pregnancy test that came out negative. I have to admit I was a little confused but decided I would stick to what we had decided and simply move on and not dwell on it.

Two days after Henry woke up and ran into our room, right to my bedside and said to me, "We forgot my baby, we forgot my baby sister!" (he has now gone back and forth between it being a boy or girl)
I am still not sure why, I think I thought, well, can't hurt to check so I got out of bed and took the last test from the box we had bought a few months before. And sure enough:

A positive on November 7th.

There have been other and subsequent feelings and promptings that have been tender mercies surrounding this pregnancy. I hope it doesn't seem like I think this baby or I am somehow "more special" because of it. What it comes to for me is being able to see a miracle happen in the life of our little family and understand that while not in a rush or bound to my timetable, God is mindful, loving and kind. I still know there is a possibility of complications or problems, but I think I am starting to understand that whatever happens, being faithful will bring promised blessings here or in the hereafter and that is a good enough reason to continue to trust in the Lord despite disappointment or sadness.
I am so very grateful for this blessing in our family, humbled by the love, prayers and thoughts that have been sent by our family and friends and happy to embark on a new phase of family life-having kidS!

Our first ultrasound at week 8-

Second ultrasound at 12 weeks and 6 days (yesterday)-I almost feel like it's easier to tell it's a baby on the 8 weeks one because the baby was much more still. Yesterday the little lady or fella did not stop wiggling for more than 2 seconds so he/she looks more like a blob to me. Another Henry on our hands, methinks =)

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Christmas Vacation pt.2

As I mentioned in the last post, we took off Christmas morning after Max's blessing to the Goodwin side of the family to open gifts in AV and spend the day there.
(Warning-lots of pictures this post)
We got to the house when everyone was getting ready to head to singles ward to hear my oldest brother, Aaron give a talk so Henry got to open his stocking to abate his gift opening giddiness.

Luckily for Henry, singles ward sacrament was cut short because the majority of their choir didn't show so soon everyone was back and Henry got ready to open gifts.

This is pretty much what Henry's face looked like the entire time. He was so excited with each gift and wanted to stop and play with each one.

Typical Jacob-big box full of newspaper and you have to search for your gift.

My mom in her absolute surprise and joy to find she had *finally* gotten an iPhone.

Uncle Aaron had to get Henry yet another sword, I'm sorry, I mean, 'cutlass'....uhg.

Johann did get his Beatles glasses despite his wife telling them they were taken out of stock never to be sold again.

Uncle Aaron got everyone some sweet hats

And Henry even did some secret shopping with Grammy and picked out these cute slipper socks for Daddy and Mommy. We love them!

After everyone looked through all their loot, we prepared for our annual Mexican Christmas dinner. I know it probably seems ghetto but dang it, give me my mom's homemade chicken taquitos, enchillades, rice, beans, and home made salsas and guac over ham and potatoes
ANY. DAY. We also had some yummy yogurt tortes for dessert. mmmm. It was a delicious evening.

I love seeing how Henry reacts to Christmas a little differently each year. I think this was the first year he really got what was going on and it was so much fun to witness. It was a crazy week and I didn't get things done exactly how I wanted this year but we did have a lot of fun.

Moving on to the rest of the week:

Tuesday we went to what will be our "however often we're all in town" book club meeting at Lola's with some of our friends. We read Hard Times by Dickens (cheery for Christmas-right?) and while we all agreed the book was kind of a flop, we enjoyed each others company and the food immensely. We even got to have Bert and Charlie over to the house to hear about their Russian exploits after until they had to head out for some family stuff. We definitely miss being able to hang out with them.
Later that night, at 11, Johann had to get his cousins who flew in from Uruguay and take them and some of their luggage to his parents in Riverside. Naturally he was pooped the next day and slept in late at his parents so Henry and I had a quiet but nice day running errands and hanging out with my mom.

Thursday we had a family day playing down the hill in Rancho Cucamonga.

Oh, Henry, you ham.

We went to Kabuki for lunch and oh man have I missed it. It really hit the spot. Henry's chicken took a lot longer than our food so he finally gave in and decided to try one of the rolls and ate about half and seemed to enjoy it. Woo hoo!

After some more playing around we went to Johann's parents to meet up with the family from Uruguay. Johann's cousin, Leo (who we met last year) his wife Rosana and their two girls Sophia and Lisset.

Henry and the girls were instant friends even with the language barrier. They are really sweet girls and played with him all night. He absolutely adores them.
The funniest part of that night had to be when the girls were talking to Henry in spanish and Henry started trying to talk back in 'spanish'. His version was pretty hilarious.

Friday we were back in AV and celebrating my mom's birthday, which I realize I have no pictures of-boo. She celebrated the big 6-4. I am constantly amazed at how selfless my mom is and how she focuses on everyone but herself. I sure do love my mama and was happy to celebrate another birthday with her!

Saturday was New Years eve and we went to Riverside to celebrate with the Simonds family and cousins.

The kids started getting pooped and laid down to watch some TV.
And hey-look at the girls sweet braids, yup, I'm proud I can still do it.

Henry playing with Johann's uncle Chuck. We love when he comes because he runs and wrestles with Henry, much to Henry's total delight.

And, of course, we all had to get some baby lovin' in while we could! Johann was still contagious the last time we'd seen Max so this was his first time getting to hold his nephew!

And the highlight of the night for me was watching Johann play Just Dance 3 with his brother. These boys are so shy, to dance like that in front of anyone was fantastic.

Pretty much everyone except yours truly and Kailee managed to get harassed enough to show off some dance moves throughout the night. Henry, Sophia and Lisset were the main dancers and had a blast doing it.
We rang in the New Year at 9 with some sparkling cider and headed back to AV to rest up.

Sunday we went to sacrament meeting and then drove Henry around so he could take a nap. I didn't want to do 2 transitions into primary in 2 different wards so we figured best to wait until we were in our home ward. Oh, I am dreading Sunday. =)

We all ended up passing out with Henry after we got home and ate lunch. The rest of the day was spent snuggling and just resting, chatting and getting ready to head back to Las Vegas.
Monday morning we finished packing and had a big breakfast together with my mom, the Rafferty's and Aaron while watching the Rose Parade. Then we said so long and headed back to LV.

The two weeks flew by so quickly and I am always depressed for at least half a day after we leave home. I know living with our families would get old pretty fast, but I am looking forward to the summer when we'll most likely be there for a month or two. I love and miss not being able to be within 45 minutes of all the people who are most important to us. And it doesn't hurt that food magically appears for breakfast, lunch and dinner either ;-)

Here's to a good Christmas vacation and hopefully a great year to come!