Saturday, July 5, 2008

Henry, Henry, Henry

So here are some pictures of Henry, starting from when he was still in the hospital up until this past Thursday.

Henry's 'crib' at the hospital and adorable name tag they made him in the NICU

Proud Daddy

Henry the night before we got to take him home

Nap time with Daddy

His first church outfit

Hiding in Daddy's shirt


Looking around

We had NO idea how many diapers we would go through the first weeks!

Starting to go blond around 3 weeks

In the once beloved carseat. After the trip to CA, he's no longer a fan of it.

Bath time!

He takes his sleeping very seriously.

Visiting Briana and Adam. Their daughter Tessa is holding Henry.

Just hanging out

In his swing


Who Are These People? said...

SO CUTE! You guys did good! What an attractive child!

Who Are These People? said...

This is Mac by the way.

Ashby Family said...

I just can't give over how cute he is!! I love the sleeping pictures. Congratulations again and good luck with school. I'm glad you started blogging it will be fun to see what your family is up to.