Tuesday, April 14, 2009

One thing we'll miss

We're really grateful to have Natalie (Johann's sister) and her husband Bryan around and for their willingness to watch Henry for us, especially for those longer nights when we want to attend a session at the Temple. Tonight was another one of those times and it is a little sad to think we won't be just a few blocks away from the Temple anymore. We realize that so many people have to sacrifice for years and years to be able to attend the Temple even once and knowing of their dedication and sacrifice is a strong reminder for us to not get lazy with the advantage we have of being so close and hence we have tried to start taking more advantage of that.
After attending the session we returned home where Natalie took us into Henry's room to show us this:

An all tuckered out little Henry. I guess he was not wanting to go to sleep in his crib but pulled down the nursing pillow, cuddled it and went to sleep...and of course his Pavaratti dvd is near (in the first picture). He really is a funny little guy. Coming home to this was just another reminder to us of the blessings the Temple holds for our family. How grateful we are to know this little boy can be with us forever.

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Delatore Family said...

So cute! Combratulations! Hopefully we'll be seeing you all soon!