Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Park City and "Up"

Saturday we originally planned a trip to the Hogle Zoo with Natalie (Johann's sister) and her husband Bryan. We got to the zoo around 11:30 and it was sooooo crowded. Considering the zoo isn't very big and there were lots of big cars (minivans, SUVs etc) packed like clown cars with children and parents we decided to pass on the claustrophobia that would surely ensue if we had gone in. Instead we backtracked a little and found our way to Park City since we had never been. As we drove through Park City looking for the shops we noticed the Olympic Park and headed up there. It was a surprising amount of fun and I'm still trying to convince Johann to go back and ride the bobsled. =)

Ski jumps

Cutest bobsled team the U.S. has ever had (especially the little one if I do say so myself)!

While we were there, some of the ski jumpers were training. I never thought about how they practice during the off season but there you have it, they jump off and land into a pool. It was a lot of fun to watch them flip...scary but fun!
Then of course we had to all take a picture with our faces in the skier cut out:

Natalie (Johann's sister)




Bryan (Natalie's husband)

After the Olympic park we drove around "historic Park City" (it was raining and I didn't feel like getting wet, so in the car we stayed). Then we decided to head to SLC's Gateway to see "UP". We bought tickets then wandered around the mall for a bit. Henry's favorite store was the luvsac store, see below:

I was pretty nervous during the previews because Henry was very squirmy. I thought, "great, I'll see maybe ten minutes of the movie." I've only ever taken him to a movie once before when he was about 9 months and it wasn't that bad but it wasn't easy either. As the movie started however he settled down and aside from being a little squirmy and going back and forth between everyone he did a pretty good job and I didn't have to leave the theater once! I'm glad Henry sat through the whole film because it was a good one. The film was sweet and funny and as pixar always does, it presents some social issues to think about; the spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down, right?

We ended our day with dinner at Albertos then headed home. It's nice having Henry getting older and better at being out all day. Hopefully we'll be able to make more day trips like this one in the future!


The comstocks said...

i thought you guys were moving down here?

Elise said...

Looks like fun. We never made it up to Park City. :(

Maybe some day.