Thursday, October 21, 2010

Paci update

The paci is gone! Weehoo. The first week or so after we took it away he would ask every time he laid down, "Wheres the blue paci?" and we would tell him we gave it to a baby since he is a big boy and didn't need it. That seemed to do it most of the time, "Oh yeah, a baby." haha. For a while I was afraid he'd accost any little baby he saw with a blue paci, but he didn't. Phew.
In the past few weeks he has mentioned it only a few times, if even that. Mostly his comfort now is the tag on his "soft blanket". Its nice to be done with the paci. Good job Henry! =)


Joshua and Rachel said...

Way to go Henry. That was pretty fast if you ask me!

Megan said...

Carter loved the tag on his blanket too!!!! He held onto it so much it turned thread bare and finally fell off.....luckily he didn't mind too much and still loves his used to be soft, but it is more of a towel feel these days - laugh!