Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Quick Update

We made it to California in one piece. Hooray.

The move was tiring like all moves are but we're really happy to have our things stored with my cousin in Henderson so our move into a place there won't be as long or as daunting. We even managed to unload our things on the coolest day of the week there.

Since then we've been trying to settle in to some kind of routine here in Apple Valley at my moms. It was a little difficult with the holiday weekend but I think we're getting there. The little surprise the AC pulled by breaking on Saturday was also a bit of a pain but luckily I am now typing from a nice air conditioned house and my mom no longer has an excuse to spray everyone with her spray bottle. I think she'll miss that part of being unbearably hot.

Henry has managed to spend lots of time with his uncles,Grammy, the Raffertys (family that lives here with my mom) and their dog, Dandy. I have even come up with a fantastic plan wherein the uncles take Henry once a week for 3 hours of 'Uncle time.' This Friday and Saturday will be the first run with uncles Aaron then Hamp, so if he manages to stay alive and in one piece, I think it'll be a success. What will I do with 6 hours this weekend? (Oh and don't worry uncle Jacob, being in LA will not exclude you from your turn ;-) )

Other than that, we've just been finding places for our stuff and figuring out what we want to do while we're here. Henry has been spending as much weather permitted time as he can in the yard and Johann's back to working on his thesis.

Overall I'd say it's going well so far. We're trying to make sure we don't go crazy all in one room and not having our own autonomous household. There are definitely pros and cons but we're trying minimize the cons as much as possible and enjoy the benefits to being here like having an in-house babysitter in my mom-yay for an easily planned temple night tonight. Everyone has been really helpful with making this transition as smooth as possible. Lets hope the one in a little over a month can go just as well.


Joshua and Rachel said...

I am glad you made it to California in one piece. Traveling is always hard. Good luck with the next month.

Lowell said...

I completely relate to trying not to go crazy in one room. We have been at my parents for the past two weeks waiting for our apartment. We move in today and it will be nice. Lucky for us, we will only be about 10 minutes from my parents when all is said and done so we still have babysitters. Good luck with the whole move process.