Saturday, January 28, 2012


While we were in Apple Valley this weekend past, I came across two of my dad's journals. Between the two of them they span from January 26th, 1982-December 29th, 1986.
I skimmed the latter one on the drive back to Las Vegas and then Thursday the 26th of this week, Johann and I started reading the first journal, 30 years to the day from when it was started.
The second paragraph of his first entry says

I am beginning to realize that if my journal is not kept, my children and grandchildren may not know me or the great experiences that I've had. Also if I don't write of the great blessings the hand of the Lord has bestowed upon me, myself and my posterity may forget and lose the way.

I'm so thankful for my dad following the inspiration to keep his journal. I know there are many more after the ones I found, probably boxed up in the shed, and I am going to start doing my best to get them all transcribed so that I can better know him and share who he is with my children and have us all learn from his experiences. I only have so many stories about him committed to memory that having these journals now will really help to fill in the gaps and bring new understanding and appreciation for all my dad did during his life.

So as you might imagine, once I finally get around to posting my goals for 2012, keeping a more faithful journal will be listed as well as working on getting all of my dad's on the computer.

Besides, I can't wait to find more fun discoveries like the fact that my dad was sure I was going to be a boy and that I was already named Daniel Peter Lehi at about 2 months in utero.

Thanks, dad for keeping your record.


Bryan and Natalie said...

That is so wonderful! That will be so much fun for you to go through and read and now Henry and your future kids can know who their grandfather was since they never got the chance to meet him. (PS. I hope my kids don't find my journals from my teenage years...that would not be fun for me!)

Maren said...

I wish I had that from my dad. I did come across a journal of my mom's that covered the period that he was sick and a time after he died, and that was pretty eye-opening. Good food for thought about the reasons for keeping a journal.

Amber Lenora said...

cool!!!!! Good find! We should catch up soon. We will both go to a frozen yogurt place and call each other.

Melissa said...

Awww. What treasure! Please please share more as you find it. This is super fun and I can only imagine how much it must mean to you.

Now I have to go edit my journals from college. Oh the embarrassment!

Joshua and Rachel said...

Aw, that is awesome. That is great that you were able to find those and I know how great it will be for your kids to read and know more about their grandpa.