Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Summer B.D.

This summer, before Dorothea was born we...

toasted Johann's defense date being set 4 minutes before the deadline

visited grandpa and abuela and played in their spa 

gave their dog a bath in an attempt to prove we should get a dog  

did lots of library activities, including reading to service dogs 

 went to the apple valley airport to watch planes take off and land and had lunch at the airport bbq restaurant that just opened up 

rode outside on the tricycle, usually in undies... 

and got a brand new water and sand table at grammy's. 

Since Johann was working on his thesis and then out of town for a week defending and then editing his thesis and I was having the 3rd trimester blahs we didn't do too many big activities before the little miss came. Being at my mom's and having a front and backyard for Henry to play in made the days much easier though. Also, Bill Nye saved me during the hot hours when he couldn't be outside playing. My mom has a thumb drive with all of the Bill Nye episodes on them and she was wonderful and would watch them with him so I could catch maybe a nap or continue getting organized. That pretty much sums up our summer before Dorothea came. 

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Joshua and Rachel said...

That sounds like fun and so nice to have room for henry to play outside.