Friday, October 12, 2012

Dorothea at 3 months

I adore this little face. 

At 3 months Dorothea is a BIG baby. It's hard looking at her and seeing what looks like a 6 month old baby (she's 15lbs and 24in currently!) and feeling that little twinge of sadness that she is growing up so fast. Not as fast as it looks, of course, but I'm saddened about her getting older just as much as I am excited to see her develop. 

Speaking of which, I think the relationship between these two is developing nicely. She is no longer mostly terrified of him. She likes him enough now that I can put her on the play mat or in the bumbo seat and ask Henry to play with her and she'll stay distracted by him for a bit. 

 As far as developmental milestones, she is still a much more relaxed baby than Henry. He was rolling around at 2 months but she is just now willing to be on the mat long enough to tip her booty up and turn herself 90 to 160 degrees. I did see her make it from her back to her side once but then she freaked out, cried and went back to her back. It's understandable though, she's got a lot to roll!

She is obsessed with this quaking duck. 

 She still wants to be in the upright sitting position all the time, or standing. She bobs her little head when she's in her car seat, trying to get up.

Trying to sit up while 'cheering' daddy on

Aside from being much bigger than Henry was, she is also A LOT more talkative than I remember him being. When Johann comes home from work, she will chat with him (loudly) for 15 minutes straight. 

She continues to be a very happy girl, so long as she is fed and has slept (both of which she is still doing really well, though there are days she won't sleep unless I hold her), even if she hasn't she still can't keep herself from smiling when you smile at her. It's hilarious to see her red crying face with a big goofy smile on it then a frown then a smile. The main cause of the grumpies lately though seems to come from a very drooly baby with bumps on the bottom gums. Chomp, chomp time soon, or maybe she'll teeth for months like Henry did. We'll see. 

I love having Dorothea in our family and find so much joy in that feeling that she's never not been apart of out family. Here's to 3 great months and many more to come! 


Rachel said...

Oh my, she is adorable. She looks so different from when I saw her last.

Melissa said...

Cutest. Child. Ever. I mean those cheeks. I could eat her for breakfast! When are you coming to visit so you can eat my breakfast and I can just eat her?!?!

Maren said...

That's a pretty cool duck. She is adorable.