Monday, December 1, 2014


I use to have a fantastic memory, then I had Henry and it has steadily decreased since that time.  I've been bad about blogging routinely but I want to break that habit and get some of the things I've missed up while I can still remember them. So. Halloween.

 No skeleton pjs left in Henry's size, sadly. The ones he got had a zombie and mummy instead. 

 We did the witches in between General Conference. 
Henry's is the drugged out looking one on the left, Thea's on the right. 
 My mom got Henry a Halloween puzzle for them to do together during her break but after she started it then left for an appointment he went ahead and finished it without her. Stinker.  

 Leo's 6month Halloween jammies a friend got for him that he was able to fit into once, maybe twice. 

Henry found Johann's 'Beatles' wig and tried it on and asked if he looked like Professor Snape. Nope, but you could make a cute girl if we got the hair color right. 

 So I finally ordered the kids' costumes but didn't tell them when they came so they would still be in good enough condition for trick-or-treating. Henry asked about a million times I finally got sick of it and said, "they're coming today." He and Thea got a book and sat by the door waiting. For an hour. Luckily he had to pee at one point so I put the packages back outside and there you have it. 
 Insisted on being Daniel Tiger.

 Finally settled on Robin after 2 days deliberations. The mask is super creepy though so we had him use a super hero one he already had. 

The only picture I got of Leo in his costume that was Henry's first costume :( 
The Young Women were in charge of the Halloween party so I was running around the whole day and didn't get time to take pictures of Leo. I'm still sad about it. If he wasn't so ginormous I'd put him back in it and take some but he was barely fitting it that night. Third child.

 Grandpa, Abuela, Uncle Kaleb and cousin Apollo as Link all jointed us for the ward party. 

 Thea's costume was super baggy but we had no idea just how 'too big' it was until Henry showed us he could get it on and it covered his whole body. 

For family night before Halloween we carved our pumpkins (on a disposable St. Patrick's Day table cloth, no less):

During the week we painted some pumpkins 

And then poor Henry got sick and missed out on trick-or-treating. Thea tried to take him water or toys and he just completely ignored her and didn't move. He was actually pretty mean to her while sick, and she didn't want to leave him alone and tried to take care of him. It was a sad time. 

Thea went to a few houses with Johann since she'd never gone (she was sick last year) and had a good time. 

Then she passed out reading her favorite Halloween book. 

And I found this old Halloween goodie in the shed a day later. My older brothers Aaron (pirate) and Jacob (tiger) and me (pumpkin) with my mom, circa 1987. 

!Happy Halloween!

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