Sunday, November 15, 2015

Thea Bea is 3

I think I feel like Thea finally had a birthday where she didn't get gypped! Being the child with the last birthday in our series of May, June, July birthdays and in the middle of summer break has left her shorted the last two years. This year we really wanted to make sure she felt special.

That morning she woke up to the balloons and some presents on the counter. She was so surprised and kept saying, "It's MY birthday?"

She opened up some pjs and other clothes before we took her out to the place of her breakfast request-donuts, a girl after Johann's heart.

After donuts we took her to target to pick out bedding because she still only had her little crib comforter as her blanket for her big girl bed. She was cleverly adorable in the store saying things like, "It's my birthday? I get to get something on my birthday? I'm such a happy birthday girl," which of course meant she didn't leave with just bedding.

That night we had Red Robin for dinner then had cupcakes at the house and she opened the other presents she had.

One of the things she asked for for her birthday was to do another bed movie night where we move Henry's mattress into the tv room with their bedding so they can watch a movie in bed "like at a hotel," as she put it.

 The next morning she dragged her new bedding with her everywhere :-)

The big time event for her birthday came later when we rented a boat on Big Bear Lake and spent the late morning and early afternoon with grandpad, abuela, uncle Kaleb and Apollo out on the lake with snacks and hot chocolate per her request.

It was a lot colder than we though even though we tried to go prepared but the kids still had a lot of fun and still mention it to this day.

Once we finished it was still afternoon so we went to the nature center in Big Bear and let the kids run around before we headed down the mountain home.
 The kids would take turns playing on the giant xylophone and dancing on the stage.

The kids were nice and tired once we got home and we feel safe in saying Thea had a great third birthday. She asked almost daily for a month afterwards if it was her birthday again, followed by asking when would it be her birthday again and can she be the birthday girl. =)

We love our little miss Thea. She is starting some of the sass but she still loves to run up, squeeze you and plant a big kiss and an 'I love you' just when you need it during the day. She's the only girl with two brothers and soon to be three male cousins so it's good she knows her own mind and isn't as easily intimidated at Henry was at her age. I think her greatest dream would be to be on a permanent vacation, sleeping in hotels, eating breakfast in bed, going to fun attractions and having us all piled together. I'm so glad she's part of our family. <3 p="">

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Happy birthday Thea!