Sunday, January 31, 2016

Last Sunday in Ranchos

It was sad to say goodbye to the ward we've spent the most time in since we've been married. There are a lot of good families and good people we will miss. Hopefully we'll still see them around the stake, and now we have our own house, there too!
When I was talking to some of the young women last week I said I would bring them cookies as a parting gift, and when Henry saw me making them he wanted to bring some to primary, and Thea got on board with that idea. The next thing I knew Henry had made the little box below. Henry is pretty sure staples, paper, tape, and felt came create anything. It actually worked so it was a done deal. 

I passed out the cookies to the girls just after sacrament meeting, and gave them all one last hug good bye. Then it was off to nursery with Leo. He actually was less upset about it and adjusted much more quickly than usual. Hopefully it won't be all undone when we move, and I'll only need to stay with him a few more weeks.  

Henry and Thea's sweet primary leaders let them hand out the cookies and napkins to all the kids, and say goodbye before they left. Our kids have had some wonderful teachers and leaders. We're so grateful to the wonderful people who serve in primary!

Then this evening we had the Eight is Great meeting. While we'll be in another ward when Henry gets baptized, we didn't know if they already had their preview, and Henry wanted to do it with his friends he knows in the ward. They did a great job, and we're so excited, and in a bit of disbelief that Henry will be baptized this June. 
(Henry's doodle before the program began)
And with the end of that, we said goodbye to our homeward. On to a new chapter.


Bryan and Natalie said...

So exciting for you!

Maren said...

It is sad to say goodbye. I've never seen another church building with the green grass walls like my home church. That gym also looks exactly the same. That's kind of fun. :) On to the next adventure now!