Sunday, August 31, 2008

Family Visits!

In addition to taking classes this past Summer, we were the lucky recipients of visits from our families. I can't imagine why they wanted to come out this summer and not the other summers...hmm...hmm...why would they come now? Oh that's right-grandbaby. haha. We have officially been moved to second string ;)
We had picnics/bbqs, went out to dinner ( a lot!), played games, went to a baseball game, had dinner made for us, went shopping and of course Llama Fest-as my mom says, however, its something that sounds way cooler to have gone to, than actually going. She is definitely right. Between the two visits it was a great two weeks and we can't help but be sad that Fall coming means seeing less of our families. We miss you! Here are some pictures from the visits, see if you notice a common theme ;)

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