Sunday, August 31, 2008


It's been so long since the last post, there are a few milestones I just wanted to list:

1. Johann finished the last class of his undergraduate e
ducation this August! Now we're just waiting for all the paper work concerning a waived class to come through to make the graduation official! Henry and I are so proud!

2. Henry is now a roller! On July 16th at 8:22pm he rolled for the first time from his tummy to his back and on August 13th at 11:41am he rolled from his back to his tummy-his now favorite past time. Now he's always trying to sit up and c
rawl, though he's only managed to crawl any real distance backwards...hopefully he'll figure that one out and start going in the right direction :) He's an awfully determined baby!

3. During the summer term I worked on a critical volume of Pierre Corneille's Andromeda, a 17th century French play, with some French and humanities students. After a lot of extended nights we finally completed the project by sending it in for publishing. I worked as the primary writer of the critical introduction to the play and though it was at times tedious and I'm still not sure I consider it 'done', I am overall pleased with w
hat was done in so short a time.

Well, there you have it--what the Simonds have been up to this summer. I'm sure as we move into Fall I'll have more news to report!

Here I go...

Wait, did I really just do what I think I did?

Oh, I really did do it! Yay!!!


Bri said...

How fun! Congrats to Johann!! It is an exciting time with graduation! I can't believe how big Henry is getting, he is so cute. I miss you guys, you will have to let us know when you come down, so we can hang out!! Love ya!

Megan said...

I am SO glad you updated your blog - I love it! Henry is quite the little roller, huh?! I am impressed!**I vote you take word verification off your blog...**