Monday, October 20, 2008


Since the weather has turned back to Fall we decided we should head out to the corn maze before it changed its mind and winter returned. We were a little skeptical about how this outing would turn out since neither of us had ever been in a corn maze but it was so much fun! We started out going through the corn maze, which we were able to get out of on out own-yay! Hey, we had our doubts. Then we looked around the rest of the 'park' and saw the amazing pumpkins that were carved and walked through a giant monster. To end the night we went on a hay ride and we all had a good time including Henry. All and all it was a nice night of fall fun!


Bryan and Natalie said...

Cute! I wish we could have gone :( Maybe next year...well, I guess you won't be here next year...we'll see. I'm glad you had fun though! Henry looks so cute in his jean jacket!

Brianna said...

Fun! Wish we could have gone too! Miss you guys!