Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Another Goodwin Goes to the MTC

On Wednesday, October 1st Johann and I got to take the last Goodwin brother to the MTC. He flew into SLC that afternoon at 12.31pm, we picked him up and raced back to make sure we could make it in time for the 2:00pm presentation. You can imagine how sad we were when we found out there was no 2:00pm presentation and we had to just catch the last few minutes of the earlier one. At the end of it they talked about "the band aid method" of saying good-bye and boy did Hamp get that considering we were on MTC grounds for maybe 15 minutes before he had to go.
Since he had to wait three months in between his call and reporting to the MTC I guess it was good he could start off with a bang; Johann and I just wish we had a little longer. Taking Hamp made me realize how hard its going to be when Henry goes, I can't imagine!
We're so happy we got to be there with him to say goodbye though, it was especially nice for him to see Henry one last time. Henry really loves his uncle Hamp, as he should considering he was the "night time nurse" for Henry's first week and half of life. Even if Hamp never did a nice thing for me or Henry every again, I think I would always be grateful for how much help he was those first weeks.

Good luck Elder Goodwin-the people of Paraguay will be blessed for having you there--your companions on the other hand... ;) We're so happy for the good decision you have made to serve a mission!

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