Thursday, March 19, 2009

Apples and Oranges

So it finally happened and when it did, it made our lives a lot more confusing: Johann got accepted to his top two grad programs, Chapman and BYU.
We knew about Chapman about a month ago and we were just waiting to hear about BYU. A couple weeks ago they invited him to interview and we just kept saying if he didn't get into BYU it would make our choice nice and easy. This past Friday he interviewed and they said they would let him know by the end of this week. Last night Johann started reading the email they sent him aloud and initially it sounded like a rejection letter, "we have had so many wonderfully qualified applicants..." blahblahblah and then "we are pleased to tell you we will be recommending your acceptance" etc. Then as he read on they also told him they will be offering him a paid research assistantship with one of the professors who emphasizes in some of the areas he is interested in.
So now the people that constantly talked of just getting the heck out of Utah are confronted with a very difficult choice. Here are some pros and cons to each, add some in if you like:

1. Close to family.
2. In California, ie the mountains, beach, Huntington Library, numerous museums and activities EVERYWHERE.
3. Johann would get his EdS and MA in 3 years.
4. Different school for his grad than he did for undergrad.
5. Lots of possible schools for me to go to in the area when its time for grad school, (UCI, Claremont etc)
6. Evening classes 3 days a week.
7. Better job placement possibilities

1. COST OF LIVING, ie housing.
2. Cost of school ( about 4 times that of BYU)
3. Transportation issues (only one car, campus not in walking distance from where we'd mostly live).
4. All the normal moving things like not knowing anyone in Orange, not having near by sitters available, not knowing a good Dr. or pediatrician.
5. "Hands off" faculty- don't work as closely with students.
6. No research opportunities.
7. No offered jobs.

1. Very affordable program.
2. Opportunity for research.
3. Work closely with professors.
4. Part time job already offered.
5. Within walking distance.
6. Cheaper housing.
7. Familiar Drs. and pediatricians.
8. Some family and friends very close by.
9. People who are willing to babysit.

2. Program is full time/day time classes (ie less opportunity to get another job).
3. Possibly issues with job placement in California
4. Very far away from most family.
5. Same as undergrad.
6. No grad programs for me to go into, though the opportunity to take post bacc classes for cheap.

Okay, so those are the main ones that we have thought of. There are some more but they aren't ones that are for sure things so I left them off. So...what do you think?


Brianna said...

That is still a really hard decision. BYU does sound appealing because of the internship with the professor and because of the price. I think though also that the amount of days he will be at school is hard, that is why I think Chapman might be better. I don't know though. I hope you guys can make the best decision for you guys. Family can always come and visit you up there. Good luck.

The comstocks said...

wow that sounds like a tough decision, im glad we dont have to make it. good luck! PRAY!!!

Megan said...

Very tough decision my friend. I know you really wanted to get back to Cali, but I am sure whatever you choose will work out for your family! Best of luck! **A little tip we learned in decision making like this is score the pros and cons and see which ones hold the most weight for you and that can help!

Amber Lenora said...

wooahhh!!!that's so great! no advice here. I will however sing, "listen to your heart, when it's calling to you..."

Jessica Lynn Perkins said...

I'm pretty sure that you guys are supposed to move to California-I prayed about it for you!=)