Thursday, March 19, 2009

Gaskell v. Dickens

So I don't mind Charles Dickens' novels, I loved A Tale of Two Cities and I could stand Great Expectations but his female characters were always so one dimensional, Lucie Manette...need I say more? For that reason and the whole "Angel in the house" Victorian ideal I was never really interested in getting into that time period of novels until just recently with the discovery of Elizabeth Gaskell. We had to read North and South for my women's history class and I enjoyed it so thoroughly that I didn't mind that I had to stay up until 4:45am to finish it in time for class. Granted, there are some passages that shall I explain this...very, well, Victorian but its still worth it despite those. Her male and female characters are equally well developed and it is a great book for anyone interested in any of the social history of the mid 19th century.
So after reading it and going to class and seeing a clip from the BBC miniseries adaptation I wanted to check that out too. Unfortunately none of the video rental places had it so I decided to use the birthday money I got from my mother-in-law, to just go ahead and purchase it, thanks Trixie! =) I think they do a pretty fair job in the film and I am mildly obsessed with the book and film now. Thank you Gaskell and thank you BBC! I now have a new addition to my "comfort food film collection" ;-)

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