Sunday, November 22, 2009

18 months and counting

18 months. How the time flies. I think I'll die when he turns 2.
Henry has been and continues to be the boss of the house but I like to think he is a benevolent little dictator. Thank goodness he is a pretty tidy one too. He is great about picking up his toys whenever I ask and even cleans up on his own sometimes. He went through a phase where he had to wipe his hand on a napkin during dinner any time they got any food on them at all. Mildly OCD? Yep. Thats how I know he is my son.
He loves dressing up. Mommy and Daddy's shoes, mommy's hair clips and bands, his halloween costume...pretty much anything he can get his hands on.
His talking is getting better and its so cute to hear him try to say new words. Sometimes he gets a little lazy though and when you ask him to say something he just rambles off some noise that sounds nothing like it and smiles. My favorite words are: turtle, "durdle" please, "teeease" thank you, "tank you", and I love you "I uhv ooo"
We went to his doctors appointment a few weeks ago and the poor baby had to get five shots (seasonal flu and H1N1 shots added to immunizations). He was not a happy camper for the next few days with flu symptoms and all. It was also a "perfect storm" because one of the first things the doctor asked me when he walked in was, "what are you feeding him?" Turns out he is still only around 20lbs and has moved down to 2nd percentile for his height to weight ratio. I swear I try to feed him but he sometimes just won't eat. He likes to pretend eat (gets out a bowl, spoon and sits at his little table pretending and saying yum yum but when I give him food..."NO NO NO!"). Well anyhow, the doctor told me to start giving him these instant breakfast shakes. I told him we tried that before but he consistently refused them. So he recommended a different brand and adding vanilla ice cream in it even for breakfast. Well, I started getting nervous about feeling like he isn't getting enough but with the flu symptoms he was not feeling like eating and it lead to many tears and "food fights." Well, fast forward a few weeks and he is eating a little better but still not well. He drinks tons of milk and some of the shake, but if anyone has any advice on getting this little guy to eat, I'd appreciate it. =)
Oh and as I look at all the pictures I realize he has his paci in all of them. We're working on him having it only at nap and bed time. He isn't too happy about it so far, but little by little I guess it'll be better.
Other than that Henry seems to be doing pretty good. Running around, dancing and playing like crazy. I sure hope he doesn't go nuts during winter here.
We sure do love having this funny, strong, sweet little boy in our family. Heres to Henry!


Joshua and Rachel said...

Very cute pictures. Henry sure is growing up. Good luck with the eating I don't have any idea about getting him to eat.

Bryan and Natalie said...

He's so funny. I wish I knew how to make him eat, but I don't even have a morsel of a suggestion. Sorry!

Lauren said...

Ava does to napkin thing too! That is so funny! Henry is such a cute little boy!