Sunday, November 15, 2009

Thank you.

Sundays can be very difficult days. I think like a lot of parents I have had the thought, "why am I even at church." Henry acts up and then the stares and annoyed looks begin and don't end until the third hour ends and we're on our way home.
Now, I don't think Henry is particularly bad. He wants to walk around and he gets mad when he can't climb on the chairs etc. But we sit in the back and if a family looks annoyed by his walking by we move him away; we take him out if he screams loudly more than once. We are trying to keep him in as much as possible though because we don't want him to think church is just going and playing in the foyer and we want to hear our meetings as much as possible, thats just our parenting decision whether it seems good or bad to anyone else.
Well, on one Sunday after a particularly bad Sunday I was gearing up for the stares when a pleasant surprise came on the chair next to me.

"Whats your name?" Says the little girl named Makala in the drawing. She drew a line for Henry to write his name on. Then for the rest of sacrament meeting this sweet girl and her two brothers drew Henry pictures and passed them to him while playing with him and holding him. They were so sweet and I was so grateful to not be stared at for at least one hour while these adorable and kind children helped Henry get through sacrament meeting. But of course they didn't just help him as I'm sure you've guessed. Thank you dear, sweet kids.

Above: Henry and one of the little boys are killing a monster.

Above: Henry's house on Halloween.

Above: jumping on the trampoline

Playing basketball.

Just five of about 10 the kids drew for him including his own little "Henry book"
Too cute.


Megan said...

Can I borrow those sweet children next week??? We had one of THOSE sacrament meetings yesterday....sigh.

Lev and Lena said...

oh how nice of them to help you "watching" Henry:) I wish we could be somewhere close to be around on sacrament meetings..:)