Friday, July 16, 2010

4th of July

We have been trying to be better about living in Provo as opposed to just being here for school. We decided this year to go to Provo's Freedom Festival instead of hiding inside all weekend to avoid the crowds. Luckily Johann's sister and her husband planned on going as well so Friday night we headed out to Center St.

I am SO glad we chose to go on Friday. Crowds were about half what they were on Saturday and Monday. They had a lot of activities for little kids and so we spent the majority of time watching Henry play and just checking out what they had. Aside from Henry's "whale meltdown" ie, wanting to ride the whale ride, we had a lot of fun.

His favorites were by far the big slides and the snake. He also did a painting craft but my camera battery died so I'll have to get those from Natalie.

Saturday we went to the park with Bryan and Natalie, went to dinner and then to their apartment to watch the fireworks from their balcony which was a fantastic spot.

If you look to the top left you can see the fireworks from the stadium of fire were right within out view.
Henry loved the fireworks and the next day at church decided to regale everyone with, "fire, hot, pretty, hot, hot, fire."

On Monday we went with Bryan and Natlie to take Henry to see Toy Story 3. He did alright, he mostly wanted to stand in the aisle though because it was so crowded we couldn't find him his own seat, we even had to sit in separate rows for just the couples. At the end of the movie during the "tender moment" he spilled his bag of M&Ms...oops! At least people laughed instead of mobbing us. His best move though was taking a bad step and falling head first into the couple in front of us. Luckily the fellow was very quick and kind, caught him and returned him with a "no problem." ha.
We liked the film and Henry loves to yell out, "NEW TOYS" anytime he's playing with Buzz or Woody or sees new toys now. Next time though, we're making sure to get to the theater early enough to get him his own seat.

It was a fun 4th weekend. Maybe next year we'll try to do something more traditional and patriotic, but we enjoyed just being able to spend time together as a family this year.

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Aaron and Devon said...

I love the 4th in Provo. I can't believe how big Henry is getting. I'll actually have to take Chloe down to Center street next year, it looks like there are lots of things to do.