Friday, July 16, 2010


I decided to do a post on Henry getting roseola because it was through one of my friend's posts on her son getting roseola that I knew what Henry had. It helped me freak out a little less (fevers and rashes are scary), so maybe this will be helpful to someone else.
Last Wednesday we came home from the grocery store and Henry had a bad fever. He'd been feverish on and off earlier but I figured it was because of some teeth coming through. Yeah, he is still working on getting all his teeth. ha.
He begged to go night night (which, I'm sure you can imagine, is not a usual scene in our house) and after a quick call to the nurse, a bath and some tylenol we got him into bed.
The next morning he woke up with his fever still high so we kept him on tylenol and motrin to keep it down. The worst part was trying to keep him happy in a hot little apartment with a broken air conditioner. I think the picture below sums up how Wednesday night through Friday night went for Henry:

Bored. Sad. Tired. Hot. Poor little turtle. I don't know why he wanted to wear that hot costume in addition to the fever and hot apartment, but I let him because he was just so sad.
Then, Friday afternoon he woke up from his nap and the tired, sad, feverish boy turned into the VERY GRUMPY boy with a yucky rash that started on his tummy and spread to his back, face and thighs. Textbook roseola, a 2-3 day fever that then breaks and is followed by a rash.

One second he was crying, screaming, throwing, kicking, hitting and the next, pleading for you to cuddle him. He'd ask for milk and then be completely upset when you handed it to him. "BLUE CUP!" Oh, I'm sorry Henry, how did I not foresee you would now want a blue cup when you have been using a green one all day. My bad. Oh. Friday afternoon until this Tuesday was NOT a fun time.
Since his rash took a little longer to go a way than usual and we wanted to make sure he was ok to go swimming, we saw the doctor on Tuesday and he verified it was roseola and that he was ok to go back to swimming. According to him he could have gone even when he had the rash since they are not really contagious and he said I would have done the parents a favor by giving it to their kids so they could get it over with. Yeah right. I'm sure they would have voted me favorite parent there for that. Silly doctor.
Now Henry is all better, thank goodness. So dear parents who have yet to have their child have this lovely little virus, good luck. At least it is nothing too serious. =)

Information on roseola here


SSToone said...

Yeah McKelle had Roseola back in April right after we moved and boy they get CRANKY! It was miserable esp. because I had no idea what it was because she had no rash except a little one many days later. The doctor had to hypothesize what it was and he was right. I thought it was teeth too at the time though she never had been feverish with them before. It was an adventure for sure!

Joshua and Rachel said...

Poor Boy. No Fun! I am glad he is better!