Friday, September 3, 2010

"Henry go to school!"

This morning I went to get Henry out of his crib. I opened the door, said good morning and opened the blinds in his room. Since we are in an end apartment on a busy street, usually he spends five or so minutes looking out his window at the cars, bikes and people going up and down the street. Usually he just talks about the cars or bikes but today he informed me of a decision:

"Mommy look! People packpacks."
"Right Henry, because they're going to school like Papa."
"Henry wear packpack, Mommy. Henry go school, Mommy. I go school. I go school packpack."

At least he tried to break it to me gently, right? =)


Maren said...

Henry's so cute. You've still got awhile until he packs off for college like the other kids though. :)

I'd heard about the epidural thing but that was quite the article you sent me. I loved the "anecdotal evidence"...seriously? I wish people would think before they open their mouths (especially me).

Joshua and Rachel said...

ha ha How cute!

Aaron and Devon said...

So cute! They try to grow up too fast don't they.