Thursday, September 9, 2010

"Seriously, SO BLESSED!"

I love reading the blog Seriously, so blessed! It usually gives me a good chuckle, after all, "For what do we live, but to make sport for our neighbours, and laugh at them in our turn?"
Perhaps more importantly, reading SSB does something that every good satire should do: puts an unabashed mirror in my face that asks, "Are you like this? Do you do this?"
There is a post on another blog interviewing the anonymous author of SSB that you can find the link for on the post from today. One of my favorite portions of the interview quotes the author responding to the question, "How much of TAMN do you see in yourself?"

"TAMN says that things are perfect, but she’s also really whiny. When really, how could her life be easier? I catch some of that in myself as well. It’s like TAMN wants a trophy for existing. I’ll catch myself being whiny and think, “Wait, why I am being such a baby? I deserve a trophy for what? For living, for doing things that everyone does all the time? Pull it together, quit being a TAMN.” There was one post where her husband had to work a lot and so she said she was basically “pulling an Emma,” with the implication of huge sacrifice. What’s Emma Smith about having to clean up a diaper or getting to spend all day playing with your kids while JJWT is in law/biz/medical/dental school? What a blessing to have a family, to have a spouse that has a great job or is getting such good training or whatever it might be. We often lament our pretty high-class problems."

So if you haven't read Seriously, so blessed! check it out- have a good laugh, and sometimes (hopefully not too often) have a good squirm at seeing yourself through the stark and all too truthful satire of mormon mommyhood. I know I do. =)


Gdub said...

I'd read her blogs a lot more if she put her full posts in her RSS feed, but i agree; some seriously funny (if not hard to read) satire.

As for the bit of her interview-- one of my favorite and increasingly occurring comedic devices is complaining about something completely first-world, if not banal to highlight the absurdity of our every-day complaints when contrasted with our deeper understanding of just how lucky we are.

I don't even want to read that sentence to see if it made any sense.

Simonds Family said...

You should really read Chekhov's Dead Souls. Get on that will you.