Monday, November 15, 2010

Activities and Crafts

It is getting COLD in Provo. Winter is here. *tear*

The good part about this is I am reminded before we have already bought all of Henry's Christmas gifts that a good portion of them need to be something that will help he and I stay sane during the long winter.

I have been looking at the little overhanging pockets on our laundry door that I intended to fill with fun activities for Henry and it looks pretty pathetic. His crayons were already second-hand from my mom's kindergartners and aside from the crayons there is a couple things of play dough and some finger paint. So what kinds of things do YOU think would be good to add? I want to get a bunch of activity/craft supplies for him for Christmas so we can stay busy during this winter. Tell me what supplies and crafts works for you and your kids! Thanks!

*And please, nothing that is much more messy than finger painting. I am still having to make an effort not to freak out about just that! =)

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Mary said...

Livia's craft supplies consist of construction paper, blunt scissors, crayons, colored pencils, stamps, and stickers. She also has a paint-with-water book. Sometimes I'll cover the table with newspaper, strip her down, and let her go to town with paint and a paintbrush. I think it could also be fun to have googly eyes, pipe cleaners, and those little fuzzy balls to make projects with.
Cooking is always a fun rainy day option too. Good luck this winter!