Tuesday, November 30, 2010


The week we left to California for Thanksgiving was a little crazy.

Johann had tons of assignments, there was visiting teaching to do, family coming to visit the day before we left so I was cooking for 8, church assignments and activities.

I am a little scattered but usually if something in the norm is out of sorts, I notice and try to rectify it. Like a 'dry clean only' sweater in the laundry bin, for instance.

Not this time.

Finally had a very, I Love Lucy moment and shrunk Johann's favorite sweater.

Really shrunk. As in, I-thought-this-only-happened-on-tv-shrunk.

Sorry, Johann. Maybe it will fit Henry in another year or two. And hopefully he likes argyle as much as you.

Johann being a good sport and trying it on
(over his other beloved sweater)
so we can see how much it shrunk.
We had to stretch it quite a bit to even get it to this point of fitting. Sad day.


Joshua and Rachel said...

Don't feel bad, I have done that to once. I haven't done it since I always try make sure that I don't now.

SSToone said...

Wow that's funny! If Chris wore sweaters maybe I would have done this but I don't think he even owns anything dry clean only, minus a suit! It will be cute in a few years when you can put it on Henry!