Tuesday, November 15, 2011

New Boots

Thursday was a good day for Henry. Not just because his Grammy came for Vetrans' Day weekend but because *finally* a much awaited package arrived:

Aren't those the cutest little fireman boots ever? Henry's old pair of snow boots that he'd had for about a year and a half finally gave up the ghost. They were already stinky, ripped and overall tattered from almost constant use but when he had an accident last Saturday and some of it made it into the boots, I was done. There was no saving those things at that point. So, he finally got some new boots.

Now that is one happy kid. He has had them on since Thursday all but one day. Let's see if these can hold out for at least a year and a half like the last ones.


Rachel said...

Those are cute boots! I can't believe how big he is now.

Aaron and Devon said...

Love them!

Gdub said...

I'm totes getting him a firehouse squirt gun for Christmas. And you thought the swords were bad! ;-)

Grant Mishoe said...

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Grant Mishoe