Saturday, June 30, 2012

PASS and a bit more on the 'T' word

It actually happened. Johann was able to go out to Utah this past week to defend his thesis and he passed.


He defended on Monday, was passed with minor revisions (pretty standard) and spent the rest of the week in Utah sorting out the edits, getting forms signed, meeting with people in the dean's office and an editor and then on Friday morning was able to hand in his hard copy to the dean's office and finally come back home. We are so thankful to his parents for going with him and providing a place for him to stay and work, food to eat of lots of moral support and encouragement. 

Now, does this mean the end of the 'T' word? Unfortunately not. Now the dean's office will go through it and either accept it or ask for revisions and resubmission. The secretary there asked him if it was his first time submitting it, so that gives you a good idea of how frequently they ask for revisions. Boo. 

But hopefully since he had an editor recommended by the dean's office, there won't be any big changes that need to be made. 

Once the dean's office finally does accept it, he has to get a cover sheet and some other form printed off and hand delivered to the graduate studies office. He'll have to ask someone there in Utah to do this as we'll have a brand new little baby at that point. 

After the graduate studies office receives the forms, they'll put it on the database and THEN, he'll be done. 


Yet, the worst part is over and I am more grateful than I can adequately express. This was a nightmare in a way I've never really experienced and I am very happy it's mostly over.

Now, hopefully, we get to take a few days to enjoy being a little family of 3 and prepare to become a family of 4!

Sincerest thank you again to anyone who said a prayer for us, thought about us or helped in any way. We really have appreciated it! 


Bryan and Natalie said...

Theses are too much work. I hope I never have to write one. Ever.

Joshua and Rachel said...

I am so glad that it has worked out okay for you guys. We were praying for you and still are! Best of luck with the baby this week!