Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Baby Showers

I don't want to forget to post about the wonderful showers friends threw for me and Thea. =)

I hit the jackpot in LV with the visiting teachers I had. They always came, checked up on me and I loved having them visit. They were even so sweet as to throw me a shower there, despite the fact that one of them was also pregnant (due just a few weeks before me) with 2 kids and moving, while the other had 2 little munchkins as well and worked from home. 

We got together on June 9th at the church building and had a good time chatting and opening gifts. It's always fun to talk with other moms about being pregnant, delivering and babies and baby stuff. 

I even had my own little gift opening helpers 

some of the adorable cupcakes 

 one of my VTs and I having the babies say hi.

Then 3 weeks after Miss Thea was born, my sweet friends Emily, Katie and their mama Lynette threw me a shower here in my hometown of AV. It was so much fun to see so many of the women who were my leaders growing up and have supported me for so long and the friends that I grew up with. I was and am very lucky to have such people in my life. 

Thea and mommy, all ready for the shower

 Decorations at Lynette's house. Pink and green polka dots abounding!

Opening gifts

 The green tutu-Henry's fav gift which he asks for Dorothea to wear all the time

The diaper baby my basketball mama growing up made. She is so talented! 

I love this picture-Jessica and I went to HS together, her husband and mine played in a band together, we both had little boys frist and now little girls a week apart, cue the tender music. 

Our little family is so lucky to have such wonderful people to share in our joy. Honestly, I didn't know how the whole baby shower with a second baby worked and since we had just moved *again* I figured there wouldn't be one at all for our little girl so I am very, very grateful for all the thoughtful gifts and the time taken to come and celebrate this little girl's birth! 

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Joshua and Rachel said...

How fun I am sad we missed the showers, but glad I got to see you guys when you visited.