Friday, September 14, 2012

Graduation Week

The day after Thea's blessing we left for Provo, Utah to attend Johann's graduation.

It seemed to go by way too quickly but luckily we were still about to visit some of our favorite old places, see some friends and enjoy the fact that Johann was graduating. One of his professors summed up the relief and joy of Johann graduating when he said, "I am ecstatic to see you here."

Here are some highlights

 I craved rice krispy treats from Noodles and Co the whole time I was pregnant. It was soooo delicious. Yes, it's worthy of a highlight pic.

Ah. We saw all our old apartments and this was the last we lived in before leaving Provo. Probably one of the best years if not the best year we spent in Provo.  

Miss attending the Provo Temple 

Got to do a bit of visiting with cousin Max and fam 

"you don't have to push a handcart..."
Church history museum  

City Creek Center-holy hannah. 

Met up with Kelly, Nate and Clara in SLC. Thank you for hanging out with us even though it was your anniversary! You guys are the best! 

Got to see Rachel and Abbagirl. I love how these two just pick up wherever they left off as though they saw each other yesterday.

And finally, graduation 

And then convocation

Johann with cohort fellow, Buddy, program director Ellie and Buddy's son, Buddy Jr.  

The whole gang 

The graduate and his kiddos



 Lunch at the MOA
"Stop taking pics and let me eaaaat, woman!" 

And a final visit with the Smiths =) 

Henry was trying to get Tanner to do a zombie pose...Tanner's zombie is much cuter than Henry's =)

Three cheers for Johann Simonds, EdS!