Wednesday, January 23, 2013

3 Day Weekend!

Our little family lives for the weekends now with Johann being gone so much during the week.
You can imagine how exciting an extra day in our weekend is then!
Friday we watched movies and worked on rockets.
Saturday we went to Calico with Johann's family including his cousin, Gaby, who was visiting from Uruguay.
I think I went to Calico once as a kid.  I now know why we didn't go more. It is a weird place.
But Henry had a good time and Gaby got him a now much beloved tomahawk.

 The tomahawk

Henry requested this classy picture 

By far the most exciting part of Calico-the Mystery Shack or 'crooked house.' Henry is still talking about it. 

Everything in the house seems to defy gravity.  

panning for gold

It was at Calico that I had the realization that I could never be a celebrity. I should have thought the lack of hollywood looks or acting talent would be convincing enough, but just in case it isn't, I don't handle massive public attention well it seems. I am use to kind people coming and "oooh"ing and "awwww"ing Dorothea, but nothing like happened on Saturday. There must have been a couple tour buses worth of asian tourists there and they were unabashed about trying to take pictures and videos of her and sometimes Henry as well as trying to touch them. I actually almost had a mini-melt down when there wasn't a let up for about 15 minutes straight. It took me snapping at a little girl for trying to touch Thea's face and pulling off close to one of the buildings to finally calm things down for at least a little while. The cowboy crooked house tour guide kept offering to take her home but after that the incidents were much fewer and far between thankfully. 

After Calico we went to Giuseppe's for dinner then headed home and did a little more work on the model rockets. 

Sunday we went to church then to Riverside to have dinner and a last visit with Gaby before she left. She made some of the best cannelloni I have ever had. 

After getting back Sunday night, the finishing touches were put on the rockets so we were all ready for launching Monday morning.

We found out there is an official model rocket launch site where they shoot off rockets every so often, ones that break the sound barrier, night time rockets etc, and decided to go there.
Getting set up

 Friends Todd and Luke getting ready to launch 

 Grammy and Thea (Thea is practicing flying)

Friend Jessica being a boss and launching the Mean Machine  

The boys coming back from retrieving the Mean Machine. Donuts and rockets-kid boy heaven. 

All the males chasing after one of the rockets 

We ate donuts and launched about 12 times between the 5 rockets. The boys mostly liked running to 'catch' the rockets. They also ran about halfway out to the mountain when I told Henry to stop being a pain and burn off some energy by running to the mountain. He got mad and just kept going and then Luke followed. Thanks again to Jess for retrieving them. Henry still talks about his awesome 'surprise' of getting to sit in the front seat on the way back. ha! 

That afternoon my brother came over and we hung out and had dinner. I think it had been awhile since I had legitimately cooked. Pork roast with steamed carrots and green beans. mmm. 

So now we are back in the middle of the week. sigh. But only 2 more days until the weekend! =) 

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Bryan and Natalie said...

I like how Henry is catching some air while running out to Johann, setting up a rocket.