Tuesday, February 19, 2013

March Field Air Museum

 Saturday, February 2nd, we visited March Field Air Museum in Riverside. Henry had a lot of fun running around among all the planes and seeing the different uniforms and such. He was disappointed he couldn't go inside any of the planes though haha. 

 Tuskegee Airmen

I thought this patch was hilarious. I don't know what division or group had this, but if they weren't teased for having a sea lion while everyone else had bears or eagles or swords I would be surprised. 

 I love that even while being in the filth and misery of the trenches, someone still had the desire and drive to still create, even if it's just a simple ring. 

The sign in this display talked about jacket art and how at first it was allowed (we saw some much less creepy and impressive ones) but then the war department issued this statement: "Taking note of some of the strange and wonderful designs that have been etched onto field jackets and fatigues, the War Department has directed that the practice be discontinued immediately." I'm pretty sure the jacket above is wholly to blame, or should be at least. 

 Everyone's favorite flying ace

Seeing the big planes outside. 

The best shot I got of most of the group 

I think Grandpa must have pinched her ;-)  

 Russian plane 

Polish plane  

Taking some supplies. That face....ha

 Henry was SO excited to see some kind of plane he could sit in. 
Thea, meh. 

 They have air shows every other year so we plan to go back in 2014 for the next scheduled air show. While we were there we did get to see one plane land and Henry was pretty excited about that. Hopefully we'll be around for the air show next year.

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Joshua and Rachel said...

How fun. The little kid plane looks really cool!