Tuesday, March 5, 2013

February Recap

February is over and I am turning into a bad blogger. Here is a  little recap of some of the things we did in February:

I finally got the kids in to see a doctor. He's fine. I guess. I think I just hate doctors and will never find one I really like. Oh well. Henry freaked and screamed for shots (to be fair he was good for the legs but when they went for his arm and shot number 5 he was done), Thea whimpered for a moment. Seems an accurate reaction for both of their personalities! 

We started going to drop in gymnastics on Thursdays.

Henry started Tae Kwon Do and loves it. I signed him up through May yesterday.

They even got to break boards which was very exciting for the kids. 

Henry is always wanting to buy something and I'm sick of it! So I told him he can start doing chores and earn his own money if he wants to buy toys. He now folds socks for a nickel a pair. He learned really quickly how to ball them up.

Dorothea started learning how to pull herself up on things. She was about half way then when I went to snap the picture she had started sliding down already.

She also continued to be inconceivably adorable.

We celebrated Valentines day and when I went to my mom's class the day after some of the kids had saved some Valentines they made for me. Awww. 

We went to the Apple Valley airport for lunch and to watch planes land and take off.

The boys got and flew a big dragon kite. 

Our friends Bert and Charlie made a quick trip out to CA and we got to hang out with them. We miss them!

I discovered my first white hair. I'm pretty sure this is either from the thesis or other recent life stressers. 2012 was nuts.

 Daddy showed Thea the joy of drumming

Henry wrote a letter to the Aquabats. 

We made Groundhog's day cupcakes for my mom's k-class.

Thea started getting more interested in toys and now pulls everything out of the changing table shelf.

She started putting things in her mouth and then letting go with her hands and then laughing. She thinks it's just so funny and I think she looks like a puppy. 

I helped in a Stake Primary day by showing the 10-11 year old girls how to make this game to take when they go babysitting. I'm not crafty, but they were desperate and I was happy to help, though I wish it had been for something I have some talent in! They seemed to have fun anyway. 

Thea was abducted by a monster.

Henry wanted to be a sumo wrestler. 

And an astronaut. 

Finally Thea started drinking water from a sippy cup. Her first time she spit out the water and looked at me as if to say, "What on earth is this stuff? Give me my milk!" She is now use to it and sips away, though if she wants a good drink, I usually have to help her out.

Well, there are some of the things we did in February! This month promises to be just as busy with our trip to San Diego for Spring Break and Easter. 
On to a new month!

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