Sunday, June 23, 2013

Henry the Kid part 2

Since Henry's big birthday celebration was just our family, we got together with the unlce Kaleb, cousin Apollo and the grandparents (sans my mom who ended up flying to Florida last minute to see her mom just before she passed away) for some cupcakes and visiting.

Henry's Grandpa and Abuela Simonds got him a big boy bike that he absolutely loves it. Grammy Goodwin got him the helmet and pads to go with it so he has been all set riding around the front yard daily since then.  

Johann has taken the wheels off a couple times but Henry always gets too nervous and just starts shouting, "NO NO NOOOO AAAAAAHH!" I guess we'll wait a while and see if he'll give it a go then. 

Henry, once again, had a fantastic birthday. He is so lucky to have family around to enjoy their love for him. What a great way for a kid to grow up. 

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Joshua and Rachel said...

He looks so big. That is so nice to have family close.