Monday, July 22, 2013

Catching up is hard to do

It's been awhile, yes? Now as I look at pictures and all the things I should blog about because I know I'll like looking back and seeing them on here, I kind of sigh and think, "do I really need to blog about Dorothea's first birthday? It's not THAT big of a deal, right?"
Boo. Lame mom.

Here are a few of the things we've done since I last blogged about Henry's birthday in May that aren't really important enough for blogposts of their own.  Maybe if I start small I'll get motivated for the bigger posts.

On June 8th Johann and I helped my mom with the Stake Cub Day Camp. We taught them how to make stomp rockets with plastic bottles, straws and paper then Johann shot off a model rocket for each group. At the end the boys managed to beg him enough to shoot off the 6 foot rocket, which ended up getting stuck in a tree coming down. The joy and excitement on those boys' faces as they watched the rocket go up and chased after it was priceless. Luckily one of the leader's teenage sons was also able to retrieve out rocket from the tree. It was a long and hot day but it really was fun to work with those boys together.

Dorothea was just getting far too big for her rear facing carseat. We pulled out the one my mom used for Henry and strapped her in. It was so cute to look back and see her little face.

Johann's quest for a dog continues and he drags us to the animal shelter whenever he can. While there have been maybe two dogs I thought were okay (I'd rather wait and save to buy one from a breeder), I saw this tortoise and I waaaaant it. I mean, it's like the closest you can get to having a pet dinosaur. The thing has a personality too, ornery, but what else would you expect from a tortoise? I don't know what it takes to keep one of these, but I am seriously considering it.

The kiddos had swimming lessons. Sadly for Dorothea, she missed the entire second week because of the stomach flu that hit everyone, except my mom, in the house. Henry recovered after about a day, but Thea's new nick name became Thea Thea Diarrhea for a week plus. Poor little girl. She did enjoy the class while she went though and was good about getting dunked. Her favorite part was hopping into the pool from her bum bum.
Henry did a really good job but he still isn't swimming on his own. I think part of the problem is he can't float at.all. He needs more fat on him or something. But it doesn't stop him from trying and I think if he isn't getting it next summer, I'll sign him up for private lessons and feed him lard.

We finally ordered Dorothea a new carseat for our car.

Henry used all the pine needles Johann was gathering and throwing away in the front to make himself a bird's nest.

Henry got to be the spotlight kid in primary in June and he was soooo happy about it. They gave him a crown, treat, framed poster saying "I am a child of God" and read his survey he did at the beginning of the year. The primary leaders are so good in this ward and do so much for the kids.

After months of saving up our rent money my mom was able to put a 600 sq ft patch of grass in the back yard. Below Henry is experiencing the joy of running through the sprinklers. It's incredible what a little spot of green does for the whole yard when we look back there.

Johann and I got to have a morning at the Redlands Temple. It's a beautiful place to be.

Last week one of our friends in the stake put together a kickball game. She did a sports week for her kids then invited everyone else for a picnic and kickball game. Henry had so much fun. As we were leaving he told me, "That was even better than electronics!" Indeed, Henry. Indeed.

Those are a few of the things that have gone on in the past month or so. 
Up next: Father's Day, Fourth of July trip and Dorothea's birthday.


SSToone said...

That kid is hilarious! You need to compile the Henry-isms in one spot for easy reading (and subsequent laughing).

And Thea Thea That's funny but oh so sad!

Great update!

Maren said...

Thea's swimsuit is so adorable! And I'm glad I know someone else who got married at Redlands. It seems to be the forgotten temple of California.

Joshua and Rachel said...

Henry is so funny and cute! I love Thea's blue eyes they really pop in some of those pictures.