Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Daddy is the favorite pal

 This year for Father's Day Johann was easy to shop for. He wanted the James Heriot series and The Old Man and The Sea. That was done easily enough. We also threw in some See's Candy for good measure. 

After having breakfast together and opening gifts we got ready and went to church. After church we headed to Riverside to celebrate with Johann's parents for dinner. It was fun to get to be with everyone and wish Jim and Kaleb a happy Father's day and as always it was fun to see the cousins together.

The thing I enjoy the most about seeing Johann as a dad is that he is infinitely better than me at being goofy with the kids. For instance, behold the monster sandwich:

Henry especially loves when he gets to be Daddy's pal. Almost every Sunday he asks Johann what he'll be wearing and tries to match him. It's pretty sweet when isn't a pain. I'm sure when Thea is old enough to talk she may try to get herself into "the boys" club that Henry is always talking about, "how about THE BOYS go do such and such," "well the boys are going to sit together," etc. 
I'm grateful for Johann and for the father he is to our kiddos. It gets easier the older I get to see how lucky our family is to have a father in it who wants to be there for his kids in word and deed. I know he loves them and more importantly I know they know he loves them. 

Happy Father's Day, Johann! 


Maren said...

Love the James Heriot books. And See's is the best! Looking forward to having that at special occasions again. It's so fun to see the different things each parent brings to the table. Patrick is also much better at being sillier, and I'm glad we have that in our life!

Joshua and Rachel said...

It is so cute that Henry likes to dress like his dad. That sandwich is pretty cool looking.

Bryan and Natalie said...

I love how Henry looks up to him!