Friday, October 18, 2013

Last of the twenties

September 16th marked the first day of the last year of Johann's 20s. Next year is the big 3-0. The actual day was semi-depressing. I feel like Johann always gets the short end of the stick with his birthday, usually we were moving and broke from doing so but this year it was something else. I was heading to get Henry from school when the car completely died. Mind you, it had just been in for a repair the previous month and all was suppose to be well. It turns out the fuel pump was kaput. Happy Birthday, Johann, here's the 650 dollar bill to repair our car! =) 
Oh the timing.
Anyway, we did take him out to Red Robin for dinner that night for his free birthday month burger which he enjoyed. Henry also alerted the waitress to the fact it was his daddy's birthday and that he doesn't like the singing. The waitress was obliging and brought him the ice cream, sans the workers singing. The day ended on a better kind of high note. Bah dum chh. 

That weekend Johann's parents came for his 'proper' birthday celebration. 

First we had to go to Henry's soccer game where they actually won for the first time ever and Henry scored two goals. More on that story later. 

After his game we went out to a Thai place we like in Hesperia call Go Bangkok.  Thea was pooped from being out at the game and took a little nap on the birthday boy. 

 Johann's soup. I, of course, had curry and it was so good.

Then we came back home and had cake and opened presents.

He got some art for his office and some clothes as well as a date to go horseback riding with me the following weekend. More on that one later too.

Aside from the car breakdown and a bit of the horseback riding, it was a pretty good birthday considering how it usually goes. I'm hoping the curse doesn't follow to the big 30 next year though. Maybe I should plan and prepare for it starting now. I hope it doesn't sound bad but the older Johann gets, the more I like him. Obviously I love him but it seems that with the years we're both leaving behind things that don't really matter and learning to be better, more responsible people. He truly loves and enjoys our children and I'm grateful for that and all he does to support and move our little family along. 

Here's to 29!


Bryan and Natalie said...

Happy birthday, Johann! I like how you said the older he gets the more you like him. That's the way it should be.

Rachel said...

Sounds like a great birthday minus the car breaking down of course.