Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Person by Person

I should post. I love going back and looking at old posts and I've left a fairly big gap the end of this year. I want to make it up, but I'm not sure it's in the cards. In an effort to get some things noted and hopefully get some momentum here is a quickish update on every member of the family.

-Left his job in Palmdale for a closer, better paying job with the Snowline School District and started on Monday.

-Got my mom's old iPhone when she got a new one and openly admits he loves it.

-Got a kindle paperwhite for Christmas and has loaded it with books. I may or may not sometimes think it is a good idea for reading in bed and possibly want one. Sometimes.

-Is serving as the ward mission leader and being forced to be more outgoing and talkative.

-I'm 18 weeks pregnant today and just starting to not feel sick for long periods of the day. I can even get up and get a drink of water in the morning now and feel refreshed instead of sick. Woo!

-Serving in YW as the counselor and for the time being also advisor for the beehives. I love my girls. I do not love activity planning.

-Trying to get out of the feeling like junk pregnancy slump and enjoy cooking, socializing, working on projects again etc.

-Still doing well in K and loving his teacher. He had his first award ceremony and his award was "Teacher's Choice," and says "Henry is a wonderful friend. He is counting to 100 and learning how to read. He has an amazing imagination. He is always inventing stories or adding a new spin to one we have read in class. He thinks out of the box which makes our class exciting and fun." haha. Henry would be the kid to get the "thinks out of the box" award.

-Spends lots of time running outside playing in his fort and creating all kinds of crazy adventures in the yard.
(Mustache day at school. He looked like he was from the '70s)

-Is getting more cuddly and affectionate and willing to help his little sister.

-Turned 18 months on January 6th

-Had her first Sunday in nursery and did really well-thank you 9 o'clock church!

-Loves to give hugs and kisses, on her terms, of course.

-Is trying to talk more and more and fading out of babyhood quickly it seems.

And that's what's been going on with the Simonds family as of late!

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Joshua and Rachel said...

Henry looks older than when we were there. I love his mustache. Glad you guys are doing well.