Monday, January 27, 2014


Never too late, right?

First we had our ward Halloween party followed later in the week by Halloween itself. I felt pretty awful that night and Thea had a cold so it was decided it'd be best for just Johann and Henry to go out trick-or-treating for a bit.

 Henry was Zorro and Thea was Little Red Riding Hood, needless to say almost no one knew who Henry was suppose to be. 
Henry continues to live the life of a kid from his grandparent's generation; picking costumes, music, shows etc that none of his friends have ever heard of...who needs five year old friends when you can have 60 year old ones? They can actually BUY candy. 

 At the ward party-Thea started holding her pumpkin out towards the end for candy but still wasn't that excited about the trick-or-treating. I just like this picture because it shows I braided her hair. I was so proud of getting those tiny, thin hairs to stay together in two little braids-it was pretty cute. 

The school wasn't allowing costumes on Halloween day, but said the kids could do crazy hair, hats or socks. I was ill prepared for all of the above but found some party hats and Henry decided to make it into an elephant with some help from me. 

And lastly, Henry with full Zorro attire (masks aren't allowed at the ward parties) on Halloween itself. 


Maren said...

Those are pretty impressive costumes! You made me laugh with the comment about sixty year old friends.

Bryan Jones said...

So many rules these days: no costumes at school, no masks at church. They look super cute at least!