Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Last night Thea slept **the entire night** in her own little bed. 
I could cry. 
She maybe slept 2 or 3 nights all the way through in her crib so this is a pretty big deal! 

 About a week or so ago I set up Henry's old toddler bed in his room so we could start transitioning Thea to a bed and free up the crib for the baby. She was excited about the bed but I wasn't sure how it'd go at night. We did the same night time routine and once she was asleep in my arms from rocking we'd go put her in the bed and usually after 5 minutes or so of staying with her and getting her back into a good sleep we could take off.
She'd stay in there until anywhere from 11-2 then wake up and come into our room and bed. When she slept in the crib it was usually no later than midnight so we felt like things were good.

 Then we had the time change...
Sunday night I couldn't get her to sleep until 9pm and I had started trying around 7. Same story Monday night and I started thinking maybe she just wasn't ready and we should go back to the crib for nighttime as well as nap. The fact she slept longer in the bed though made me think I should at least keep trying until the time change wore off and I'm glad I did because even though it took about an hour last night to get her to sleep and it wasn't until 8:30, she slept until 7:15 this morning by herself! Usually she is up no later than 6:15. She did wake up once around 2am but didn't get out of her bed so I went in, hugged her, rubbed her back for a minute, she went back to sleep, and so did I! It was amazing.

I'd say we are making progress and hopefully in a few weeks we'll have bedtime in the bed down and maybe we can start to work on naps in the bed too. Any suggestions for nap transition out of the crib? Henry was almost a year older when we moved him so it was a lot easier to explain some of the things to him.

The other thing I've been working on with Thea is having her hair done. Everyone told me when I had a girl that if I would start from day 1 with having her hair done and never stop, they'd just get use to it and be fine with it-lies! About 3 months ago (maybe more) she began to rebel every time she saw a comb come out and what can I say, I decided it wasn't worth it most of the time. But now that her hair is growing out she looks like she has a mullet when it's just down so I wanted to be able to do it again. It's been a pretty big scream show and I've had to think of different things to entertain her (bandaids in the little metal boxes seems to work well...) but probably 9 of the last 10 days I have managed to get her hair done. She's messy anyway so it's nice having it out of her face and line of food intake or whatever else she gets her hands on and then into her hair.

So again, not perfect, it rarely lasts until late afternoon, but progress!

Now I need to work on doing little activities at home for her and getting out to do things just for her like the park or library; it's just so easy with the second to think, well she gets play time with Henry and outside time in the yard so I don't need any extra outings or things to plan. I think I probably don't need to as much as I did with Henry but I think I should take her to something for her at least once or twice a week right? What do you guys do when you just have littles at home during school that's just for them? 


Rachel said...

Way to go Thea. Sleeping through the night is thd best. Her hair is so cute. Great Job.

Bryan and Natalie said...

The bed looks so tiny until you see her laying in it! Then she's the one that's tiny and that bed seems huge!