Friday, April 4, 2014

Spring Breaking I

We had a two part Spring Break this year since the district Johann works for and the district Henry attends and my mom works in were during different weeks.

Johann's break came first and we decided to take Henry out of school Wednesday and Thursday that week to go to San Diego and have our last little trip as a family of 4.

We left Wednesday morning and headed to Balboa Park and went to the Natural History Museum. When we were there in December they were advertising an exhibit about a real pirate ship and treasure that had been found and Johann really wanted to take Henry.

Henry was pretty excited at first but they had a video presentation at the beginning and the room was pitch black and had lightening effects which did not go over well with him. When the video ended the curtain was pulled back to reveal the bell from the ship, the Whydah (pronounced Whid-ah), in a giant water filled tube. Johann and I both thought it was pretty cool, Henry seemed to think it was haunted and going to start ringing and started pulling our sleeves to get outta there. He was pretty freaked out for the rest of the exhibit they had on that floor and we didn't get to see too much of it. It was mostly the part contextualizing it, since it was a slave ship that was taken by Sam Bellamy and his band of pirates.

The next floor he calmed down a little, he liked taking a picture like a pirate and had some fun looking at the cannons, ship models etc. Then we went into the life size ship model which was dimly lit and he did not like that. We couldn't understand why he was getting so scared until we arrived at the end and he pulled me down and whispered, "Mom, I'm going to admit something to you I've never admitted to anyone-I'm scared of the dark." It was pathetically cute. Thankfully the next area was well lit and we got to touch some of the real pirate treasure.

Shh...we weren't suppose to take any pictures, but I *had* to. 

The final room of the actual exhibit had chunks of ocean rock with things from the ship still inside and the xrays showing what was inside. They also had a huge piece in the center that water would wash over every few minutes to preserve that pieces in it. That was probably Henry's favorite room and I agree it was pretty cool.

Then out in the atrium area they had a dress up and play like a pirate spot that Henry enjoyed while Thea sat and had some fruit snacks.

The next exhibit we hit there was the prehistoric area and skull exhibit. Both kids really liked them, probably more than the pirate one since there were more interactive things to do.

 Thea kept kissing this little elephant. 

She did not like sitting on it, however. 

When you turn the little wheel there a baby dino peeks out of the egg, Thea LOVED it and waved and said, "hi baby dinosaur!" over and over. 

Henry hamming it up

We finally finished up at the NAT and headed outside to the plaza to let the kids run free. They saw some other kids playing in the fountain and that was it, they had to go in too.

On our way to the NAT we passed by the Fleet Science Center and they had a poster about a guitars exhibit that interested Johann. I was a little worried about how it would go over with the kids, especially Thea since we'd already been in a car that morning and a museum. So we walked around the rose garden and thought it over and Johann decided he might regret it if we didn't go, so we headed back to the museums and went in to the guitar exhibit.

Giant cactus. Henry, "It looks like Jack's beanstalk. I touched it mom, no pointy prickles."

 Apparently the world's largest playable guitar. 

 They did have a lot of cool guitars and instruments the guitar came from on display. 

Johann wasn't really getting to read everything and the kids had burned through most of the guitar exhibit so I decided to take them to the kid's area of the museum while Johann finished and I think that was enjoyed by all. 

 Henry playing with pitch with another kid. 

We left the science museum and Balboa Square and headed to Seaport Village for dinner-pizza for the kiddos, Greek food for us. mmm.

After we headed to target to grab some milk for the kids and a couple treats then checked in to the hotel to catch some sleep. I thought I kids would pass out instantly but I always forget the excitement they feel being at a hotel and we didn't get them out until 8:30-9.  Johann and I passed out right after them and a good thing too because they were up right on time the next morning raring to go!

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Rachel said...

This looks like so much fun. It looks so warm, I miss the sunshine in California.