Sunday, May 24, 2015

Leo 11 Months

Leo was in the middle of having roseola when he turned 11 months and was too miserable to do anything other than cling to me 24/7. I wish I was exaggerating. My poor, poor wrists. So these pictures are from 11 months and one week. 

So far this month the biggest news is he has taken up to five independent steps but still no walking on his own really. You have to stand him up and he'll do his little toddle towards you. It's so adorable. I've yet to catch it on camera yet since he'll only give it a couple tries before he's done. Hopefully going vertical will spare his jammie knees which keep getting holes and allow him more outside time.

It's hard to realize the little baby time is about to be all but gone. Thankfully he's still quite the most 'baby baby' I've ever had. He loves to cuddle and is just goofy all around. He loves, loves mommy which can be a plus and minus.

 I'm looking forward to being able to give him milk in the hopes that Johann and I can get a trip to the temple in since I haven't been able to be away from him for more than 2 to 3 hours at a time. We'll see if he'll abide it.

What else is there to say except little Leo, how you are loved!

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